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Daily Inspiration x Food for Thought

Daily Inspiration x Food for Thought.


Silence x Emergency x Dial 911

Recently, I had a situation at home where my daughter wasn’t feeling well and after a long night, I decided to take her to the hospital.  If there’s one thing I do not like, it’s seeing my child in the hospital, no parent wants that for their child.  However, I do thank God for the doctors that help her.  My daughter has reactive airway disease a.k.a. asthma…they say it’s environmental, but I think it’s hereditary as well.  She had issues with her breathing and when the in home nebulizer treatments didn’t seem to be enough anymore, I immediately took my child to be seen.  This isn’t easy, it is very overwhelming for me to see my child on a hospital bed.  With taking her to the hospital, there are the lost hours at work and my income is what supports us….but what it boils down is that money will come and go…but my daughter…she is irreplaceable.  Her life and well being are far more superior than anything going on around me.  She puts a smile on my face everyday!  But still…as a single parent…this all can be too overwhelming to handle alone…my art….is a vision on paper describing my internal thoughts and feelings….


At first I created this by doing a quick sketch and using colored pencil to fill in everything…


Then I wanted to see more blending of the medium so I wet a paintbrush a ran it across the drawing in sections to allow more blending.  On the lips “Emergency Dial 911” is written…the lips are closed because when I see my child suffer, I do cry and wonder why…it hurts me every time we need to make a hospital visit…when this happens I don’t make a big deal out of it…I cry…get myself together and do what needs to be done.  Emergency 911…there was an emergency that needed to addressed and as mom first, I addressed it immediately.

Throughout the hair, you will see different adjectives written…on the left is my reality and on the right is what I’m hoping for my future.


Close up of the lips…I love the way you can see the imprints from where I erased and repositioned the letters.

As you can see there is a lot going on…yeah there was a visit to the hospital…but on a daily basis, there are so many thoughts, feelings, emotions, and facts that I deal with.  What it all comes down is that being a mom is my most important role, because there is a precious and intuitive little life that depends on me…and I don’t plan on letting her down.

Here’s my sketch and the story behind it…as always…thanks for stopping by…


Truth, Reality, and Change


I am me, someone that no one else can be. I am unique, I am an individual. I do have feelings and feel for others. There is a sensitive place that dwells on the inside….one that many will not enter.

I am fair, I do give chances, and when you cross me I do forgive, for my peace of mind. But do not get this message twisted, because it doesn’t take twice to fool me. I’ve been fooled by others ten times over. But at this time in my youth, I refuse to tolerate any foolish nonsense. I will look out for you and have your best interest at heart….

But once you cross the point of no return, do not expect to be given your access pass back. Do not mistake my character and beliefs for weakness, for it is in Him that my weakness is made perfect. God is my strength. And God did not create me to be a fool. He knew exactly what He was doing when He made me.

The person you once knew is still here….she just grew up after taking a crash course in the harsh realities of life. Those experiences have shaped the adult I have and still am becoming.

So have I changed??? Yes!!!
Don’t hate the change, because it’s only for the better and through it all, I’ve only become stronger, wiser, more confident, secure, and loving. Change is good, when it helps to catapult and motivate others forward into a world of positive reality.

As always….thanks for stopping by and have a great day 😉