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Target x Peter Pilotto

Target stores does it again and pairs up with a high end designer to bring high fashion looks to their stores for the fraction of the price!  Peter Pilotto will be teaming up with Target for this spring collection that will be available beginning February 9, 2014, in stores and on line.  This line is full of funky prints and shapes from the London based fashion clothing line.  There will be plenty of swimwear, skirts, dresses, pants, funky clutches, and tops for the ladies to mix and match or be bold and pair up together.  Here are the looks that we can expect to hit stores on Sunday from Peter Pilotto for Target!

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Look 6

Look 7

Look 8

Look 9

Look 10

Look 11

Look 12

Look 13

Look 14

Look 15

Look 16

Look 17

Look 18

Look 19

Look 20

Look 21

Look 22

As you can see from the looks from the Peter Pilotto and Target collaboration, this line is full of dope prints, chic cuts, and modern lines!  I especially love the skirts, dresses, and cropped tops in this line.  It drops in stores and online on Sunday, February 9th.  If you remember what has happened in the past with quick sell outs of these Target collaborations, hurry up and get yours!  Most items are priced under $60 which is very reasonable and affordable!

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(Designers Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos of “Peter Pilotto”)


Prints, Style, and Joy!


The fall is coming! The fall is coming! I say this cheer and enthusiasm for the approaching season! I am highly anticipating this fall season and the fun that comes with coordinating some funky outfits!

Leopard print is one print that I absolutely adore! I also love to mix and match prints! Having fun and being joyous is something that I’m all about! So with all thats going on, why should I allow someone to steal my joy??? No thanks!

Being creative and artistic everyday to dress myself and have fun, it’s a symbol on me that I am enjoying life. I will continue to do so, with or without bad news—my God is greater than a boat load and world full of negativity! So since my joy is rooted in Him….my style will continue to be a world of creativity based on my joy that is protected in God’s Love for me 😉

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Cultural Style inspiration from the streets

Inspired to say the least….


As my babygirl and I were on our way to an event….we came across a vibrant group of people….and from the looks of it, it was an Indian wedding. As my daughter and I came across the crowd in center city this morning, there was music, dancing, and cheering on.


The guests in the crowd looked amazing and happy. Later on, I saw the bride, groom, and bridesmaids and they all looked phenomenal as well. I am inspired by their joy of the ceremony, bold colors and prints.

Speaking of prints, they are huge this fall, taking over the runways of NYFW as we are approaching this fall season. Prints and patterns are in demand for this fall season as well the upcoming spring season! Keep your minds open and eyes peeled to spot the prints for inspiration this fall.

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Double PYT Duty in Prints and Patterns!


Pictured above is my lovely daughter and I, in our prints ready for Sunday morning 😉 I’m wearing a diamond pattern dress from Ashley Stewart, from a few years ago, paired with a bold pink scarf, and acid wash denim jacket from the thrift shop. You can barely see my tan booties but they’re from Nine West.

My gorgeous daughter is wearing a stylish leopard print dress with a tulle pastel flower from The Children’s Place. I love to shop there, they have a lot of good deals!

When it comes to fashion and style, own what you wear with confidence and everything else will fall into place. Never be afraid to think outside the box or try something different. What’s the worse that can happen then spotting another trend??? Have fun and thanks for stopping by 😉

That Kors Bag!

MICHAEL Michael Kors MICHAEL Michael Kors  Large Selma Snake-Print Tote

MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Selma Snake-Print Tote

MICHAEL Michael Kors MICHAEL Michael Kors  Grayson Medium Satchel, Vanilla

MICHAEL Michael Kors Grayson Medium Satchel, Vanilla

MICHAEL Michael Kors MICHAEL Michael Kors  Large Selma Two-Tone Satchel

MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Selma Two-Tone Satchel

Pictured above are three out of the thousands of hand bags that Michael Kors has designed and sold.  Today, the Kors hand bags are growing in popularity with women everywhere!  I see women who ride the bus and don’t have a car that own Kors bags lol.  But its the trend and everyone wants to fit in.  Women will purchase a boot leg Kors bag just to be apart of the “in crowd” it seems.  Occasionally, I do see sellers selling their boot leg Kors bags.  It’s funny to see, but it’s reality.

The one place that I see an abundance of Michael Kors bags is in Macy’s.  And that’s one of the few places that you can purchase a real Kors bag and be completely satisfied with your purchase.  I’ve seen some discounted Kors bags at Burlington Coat Factory and Neiman Marcus Last call in the outlets, but there’s nothing like having the current seasons styles.

The bags pictured above are chic and stylish.  The Vanilla satchel is perfect for summer and going into fall.  I fell in love with the Snake skin print Selma bag, it is stunning!  Snake skin print seems to be the print that will be popular this season.  This bag is so chic.  Lastly, the royal blue and black color blocked Selma bag is also city chic.

Every woman wants to own a Kors bag, the shape, style, colors, and prints are all classic and modern.  Kors knows what a  woman wants, and what a woman wants are his hand bags.  Kudos to Michael Kors…and ladies….don’t settle for a knock off….save up the money and get the hand bag when you can afford it. The Michael Kors hand bag dynasty is growing and his designs are innovative and us ladies love to have them hanging off our shoulders.

Support local designers and authentic designers and products.  If you support boot legged items, then you might be supporting the drug trafficking crime industry and be unaware of it.  Do your research and be smart when you buy.  Nitey Nite loves 🙂