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Duke & Winston x Valentine’s Day Specials

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…or rather right at the end of the week!  Ladies, I know that we love to get our flowers, chocolates, and jewelry…but what about the men in our life?  Well, Duke & Winston is having a great sale going on right now up until Valentine’s Day- 25% off of all items that are red, white, and pink in store and online.  Duke & Winston has a lot of great items in store for the men in your life from ties to tees to baseball caps, they have it all!  They even have the cutest dog hoodies for your pets!  In all this cold and snow…it’s nice to have something for your pet to snuggle up in when they go outside.  I had the opportunity to stop by their store in the Northern Liberties section in Philadelphia, PA and I was able to take a few product shots to share with you.  They really have a great selection of t-shirts, sweaters, polos, long sleeve tees, baseball caps, beach tanks, dog hoodies, ties, and more in store!


These silk ties will complete your man’s look for your special night on the town for Valentine’s Day!


All the tees at D &W are definitely dope and a must have for any man’s wardrobe.



I love their baseball caps with the D & W shield and the embroidery of Duke on the lower picture is adorable!  I think I want one too lol!


I love this long sleeved red and white tee and the quote on it “Sincerity- Use no hurtful deceit, think innocently and justly.”  Ah if we all lived by these words…as you can see with D &W…not only are you getting dope clothing, but also positive messages through the brand.



These dog hoodies are just adorable!  The hot pink and red hooded sweatshirts for the doggies are on sale as well!  They are too cute and they come in smaller and larger sizes, depending on the size of your furry friend.

This was just a snippet of what D &W has on sale for Valentine’s Day, for a full listing of items be sure to check out their site or stop by the store!

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Target x Peter Pilotto

Target stores does it again and pairs up with a high end designer to bring high fashion looks to their stores for the fraction of the price!  Peter Pilotto will be teaming up with Target for this spring collection that will be available beginning February 9, 2014, in stores and on line.  This line is full of funky prints and shapes from the London based fashion clothing line.  There will be plenty of swimwear, skirts, dresses, pants, funky clutches, and tops for the ladies to mix and match or be bold and pair up together.  Here are the looks that we can expect to hit stores on Sunday from Peter Pilotto for Target!

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Look 6

Look 7

Look 8

Look 9

Look 10

Look 11

Look 12

Look 13

Look 14

Look 15

Look 16

Look 17

Look 18

Look 19

Look 20

Look 21

Look 22

As you can see from the looks from the Peter Pilotto and Target collaboration, this line is full of dope prints, chic cuts, and modern lines!  I especially love the skirts, dresses, and cropped tops in this line.  It drops in stores and online on Sunday, February 9th.  If you remember what has happened in the past with quick sell outs of these Target collaborations, hurry up and get yours!  Most items are priced under $60 which is very reasonable and affordable!

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(Designers Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos of “Peter Pilotto”)

Girls Night Out x Hush Philly


(L to R) Me, Qira, and Charelle.

Recently, I was able to link up with my girls from college and hang out for a day.  We hit up Hush Philly for their day party…at a secret location…you had to rsvp for details.  On Saturday, January 18, 2014, on the eve of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day…Hush Philly hosted their event at Red Sky, located in the Old City section of Center City Philadelphia.  Me and my girls had a good time, ran into some familiar faces and enjoyed the music by DJ Aye Boogie and DJ RTodaizza.  Pictures are worth a thousand words…so for this post…here are the recap pics!


There was definitely a great turnout!  Packed house!


Red Sky was packed all night, the party was from 3-9 pm, and free before 5pm to enter.  I think the party kept going on past 9pm, the place was packed all night!



It was nice to catch up with an old college buddy, Taurean, definitely had a good time.


Last but not least…me in my outfit for the day…

Black and faux leather blazer: Target

Black tank: Old Navy

Tribal print tights: Burlington Coat Factory

Peep toe lace booties: Aldo at DSW

I’m so mad because I had on  a cute robot necklace that I got from Macy’s smh…but I popped it!  lol.

As you can see, me and my girls had a good time at Hush Philly as well as everybody else who was in the building!  We talked, laughed, ate some really good food, danced, and met new people.  It doesn’t get any better—> Next Hush Philly event will be held on Saturday, March 15, 2014…keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned to the website to send in your rsvp for details when it gets closer to the event!

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Style Inspiration: Bold Hues x Vintage Vibes

Hello.  I’m taking it back it a little with this post…a little personal.  I know that lately I’ve been posting a lot about events/ reviews of events/ artists in Philadelphia…but today…I’m posting about me and my personal style.  That’s how this blog started off initially, but I like a little bit of everything and I do not fit into anyone’s category, rather I am creating my own everyday while living this life and pursuing the dreams that I dream of daily.



On this particular day, I was in love with the contrasting color palette that I created for my day at the job.  I’m wearing my favorite royal blue cardigan from Old Navy, paired with a three quarter length white shirt, thrifted/ vintage oversized beaded necklace, black tuxedo pants, and riding boots from Macy’s.  I absolutely loved this look and felt as though it complemented my skin tone and curvy-licious shape!  Ow!


(Sorry for the blurry shots, it was hard to focus the camera with a draining battery pack- it was my fault lol)

To tell the truth, I love to wear layered looks…it gives me the versatility to remove layers when I become warm or to put them on as I cool off during the day.


No outfit is complete without a smile.  If you’re not happy or confident in your skin, then that feeling will show.  Your outfit only exudes the confidence and boldness that you carry on the inside daily.  Any insecurities will show, unless you know how to fake confidence.  Life is filled with uncertain circumstances and heart ache, but I choose to smile and be happy through it all.  What keeps me afloat is God and staying focused.  When I’m not blogging, just know that I am staying busy and handling business.  It’s important to stay focused no matter what.  Feelings change and so do opinions, but facts remain the same, so stay true and handle your business daily.

As always…thanks for stopping by and I hope this post inspires you to create bold and beautiful outfits from your inner confidence to your outer clothing layers.  Outfit deets are posted below.


Cardigan and Tuxedo pants: Old Navy

Riding Boots: Macy’s

Converse x Jewels x Smiles


Hello!  I hope you all enjoyed your turkey feast and shopping with family 🙂

Being a busy full time mom who is on the go…I don’t always have as much time for myself as I would like.  I have  toddler with needs and wants that I address daily. If she looks a mess, then as a mother, I look a mess.  Sometimes, it just doesn’t matter because I can leave the house looking a mess some days, but it comes with the territory.  I’ve learned to take some time out for myself to at least be presentable lol.  But on this particular day, I was busier than busy, had three events to do all while toting a toddler around on my hip.  It isn’t easy, but I don’t complain, I thank God for my baby and the life that God has given me.

When it comes to the weekends, I like to look nice and I need to be flexible as well.  As much as I love to wear heels, it’s not always practical with a tot on my hip.  But I still wanted to rock my jewels…I just had to be creative with the look.  I was comfortable x confident x and cute…that’s all that matters 🙂

So I put on my forest green jeans and orange sweater from Old Navy, Converse sneakers, layered necklaces from Charlotte Russe, and a smile on my face 🙂

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Life is about LIVING

This past Sunday baby girl and I went to the house of God….and we enjoyed ourselves! I am truly blessed by the services and the ministry!


….on our way to church baby girl was trying to hide behind me in her fabulous tutu!



Later on baby girl decided to cooperate and show off her many happy faces! She was decked out in a tutu and pretty in purple! Showing off her pearly whites here!


Here I am in my little black dress that I fell in love with! Catching selfies in the mirror!


Here’s one more selfie for the road while baby girl jumps in the shot!

I don’t have to dress up for church….but I choose to….why not enjoy life while I am living and able to. There are somethings in life we need to wait for, but I don’t believe that life is all about waiting….it’s about living and loving every moment. Whatever you’re doing right now, choose to live and love in the process!

LBD: Macy’s
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Bag: Steve Madden
Bracelet: Burlington
Jacket: Burlington

Baby girl
Head to toe: Childrens Place
Shoes: Marshall’s

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Navy Stripes and Curvy Types


Stripes are here, and it looks like they’ve taken up residence for this upcoming fall season. I’m wearing them, baby girl is wearing them, hey everybody has them! All summer I fell in love with the navy and white and stripes…although summer is coming to a close….I will hold tight to my stripes!

I’ve got plenty of them in store for the soon coming fall/winter season thanks to Old Navy, H&M, Macy’s, and a few other great places! Prints, patterns, and plaid are definitely on my radar as well! I love having fun with what I wear.

Pictured above, I’m wearing a striped navy tank, paired with a denim jacket, a layered frill black skirt, a chunky black belt, a gold robot chain, and an orange pocket book. I am loving this fit and it fits right against my “curvalicious” body 😉

I accept who I am and who God made me to be and I am loving God for it! I am curvy, chocolate, and gorgeous! Love who you are, and every morning that you wake up with the use of your limbs and mind- it’s a reason to give thanks!

Thanks for following me on my “journee!”

Tank: Old Navy
Jacket: Ross
Necklace: Macy’s
Skirt: thrifted
Bag: Nine West
Belt:NY & Co