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Living life is a journey and a road that we’re all traveling. Along the way we come across some speed bumps and road blocks that may hinder us from going the desired rate that we imagined to reach our goals. However, we should in no way allow that to deter us from the desired outcome that we planned for. Although the plans to reach your goals may change along the way, don’t let that stop you from achieving what you have set your mind to do.

Things will not always turn out as we think they should. When that happens, we should reroute to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward. Don’t hesitate, move forward, there is more joy in accomplishing what you are passionate about than giving up and creating an excuse that’ll make you feel better. Where there is a will, there is a way, so set your mind to it and make that dream happen.

All things are possible if you believe, are you willing to believe? Do you have faith that you can overcome that obstacle and achieve your dreams, hopes, passions, most intimate desires??

Let me tell you a quick story, I once knew a girl who so desperately wanted to earn her college degree that she could taste it. However, right before her senior year of college, she was faced with serious financial difficulty. She had to pay over $2,000 to the school or she’d be kicked out of the university until she paid off that semester. Her mom couldn’t help, her father just gave thousands to her younger sibling in school as well, and just paid a few hundred on her semester bill that fall already- with two more children at home, he didn’t have it then.  This girl reached out to family and friends and prayed every night for God to show her a miracle. As it became closer to the deadline, she became more stressed and her faith began to waiver. She cried EVERY NIGHT. She wasn’t ready to give up the campus life that she built for herself, without her degree that she was so close to earning.

One night, this girl had the brilliant idea and the “balls” to e-mail the president of the university about her situation, to ask for  her  help and offer any freelance skills she could in art. That night, the president forwarded her email to the executive director of financial aid. Who was this?? Lol. She already knew people in high places in financial aid, but never anyone such as this! That night the executive director of financial aid e-mailed the girl back….and would you believe it…her bill was paid….with thousands leftover!

That girl was me. I say all that to say, don’t let go of your dreams, look them in the face and achieve them by any means necessary! Fear and doubt are no longer options!  Turn off the interference and turn on the TunnelVision, there are some dreams and goals to achieve right now! If you’ve stopped, pick up from where you left off and keep going!


Just Me x Flaws and All


I am me, unapologetic and fully confident.  I must admit…it took me awhile to get to this point.  For the longest, I thought that I had everything to prove to everyone else.  I thought I had to be considered the skinniest, prettiest, and every other -est by everybody else.  In spending sometime by myself and taking the time to pursue those dreams closest to my heart…I simply realize that everybody’s else’s thoughts about me are not the absolute.  I can only be me…and truly that is the best way to be.


I’ve got blemishes, stretchmarks, bruises, scars…you name the flaw and I probably have it somewhere lol.  I am by no means perfect and I love that about myself!  I’ve finally gotten to a point where I accept and love who I am, who God made me to be.  My flaws aren’t just on the inside, they are on the inside as well and I am asking God to help me with those as well.  I’m not perfect and I own that and it took me a long time to get to this place in life.  There is no need for me to be content with being fake or unreal, I am who I am and I love whom God made me to be.


Who am I?  Just me lol.  A young college educated mother of one, who is a blogger, artsy, and ambitious.  While this Queen sits on her throne and awaits her King…she won’t be moping around.  Instead, she’ll be loving who God made her to be, raising her princess, and working.  I don’t know why it took me so long, but I truly thank God for this confidence, I am me all day long and I love it!  I accept my flaws and appreciate the good that I have to offer.  I know I wrote an entire post about flaws…but with everyone talking about what is always perfect…I just thought I’d be different and discuss what’s not so perfect….beginning with me and that is okay.  Because what isn’t perfect is real just as much as what is perfection can be real.  There’s so much to me and I am exploring it all!

Take a look in the mirror and smile and love whom God made you to be.  Now you see the you that everyone else loves so much!  Accept your flaws because they are real and make you uniquely you.  No one else can have your flaw or your perfection because God made them especially for you!  Which is beyond beautiful.

2014 x A New Year’s Resolution!

Happy New Year’s everyone!  It’s 2014 already and I’m pretty sure that we’ve all made our New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year and have probably broken them by now. When 2014 came this year…I failed to make any New Year’s resolutions because I know that I will not keep them.  I break them every year along with everyone else, so I’ve given up on making those resolutions.

I can tell you this, this year I plan to live and follow my dreams.  Whether success comes my way or if I’m hit with an immediate failure, I’m going to get back up and live out the dreams that I’ve had for so long.  2013 was a year of major changes for me.  My daughter and I went through so many rough transitions, but with the love and help from God, family, and friends, we are stronger than we once were.  2014 is a year of untapped opportunities that I plan to take part in full force!

Everyday I am changing, re-evaluating, refocusing, and evolving myself.  If anything, 2014 is my year of opportunities.  As opportunities for growth present themselves, I am willing to take on the challenge and pursue them.  There’s no reason for me to be in the same place in 2015.  2014….I am looking forward to you….and although I do not have a definite resolution in place….I am declaring that this is my year of growth and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise without fear.  And that is something that I’m working on everyday!

How I spent my New Year’s:  Low key, with a cold and plenty of treats to hold me over….


Cupcakes!!!!  2014!!!


This yummy chicken penne pasta from a local Italian grocer…yummmmmmmm!!!!!!!


This was my only glass…it’s sweet but strong…lasted me about two weeks!

That’s how I spent my New Year’s this year, in the house and cozy under a blanket while watching New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and more on T.V. How did you spend New Year’s?  Drop a line below and let me know!

….As always…thanks for stopping by…

Was It All Worth It?


At the end of the day, we are the only ones that can answer this question…was it all worth it?  The hard work, the blood, the sweat, the tears, the failed attempts, the delays, the transactions that never came through and so much more.  When we first make an attempt at a situation, we step out on faith whatever the plan is.  When we attend college, graduate, get a job, have children, marry, remain single, divorce, separate, start a business, quit a job, choose another career path…we step out on faith when we create these goals and make an attempt to reach them.  We never know the outcome until we have decided that we have come to the end.

Most often the decision is ours on whether or not this is the end.  If financial aid closes its doors to you, you will drop out of school?  Or find another way to finish?  If your job fires you, will you give up or find another one?  If one career path no longer suits you, will you remain miserable or search for another path to take?  If a companion or spouse treats you wrong, will you stay after trying to work it out after multiple failed attempts, or realize your worth and leave?  The choices that we make rely on our belief system and whether or not we believe that the outcome will work out for us.  Too often we make the “the safe choice”, because we need a safety net or back up.

People stay in failing relationships because they heavily fear the thought of being alone.  People stay in dead end jobs because they need the money and fear the the thought of pursuing their dreams.  Some of us quit too easily because we fear that we cannot make it and would rather end the journey now before having to face failure.  At one point and time, I have been all of these….and the question that I ask myself is “was it all worth it?”  My response is “yes.”

Yes, it was worth it…the failures and successes in life that I have faced have all been worth it…God knew what He was doing with me all along and every experience has shaped my present and even my future moves.  I won’t stop here, I will continue to move forward and press everyday, because when in the end when someone asks me “was it all worth it?”  I will know what God has blessed me with because I trusted Him and let go of fear and will answer “yes, it was all worth while.”

From this day forward…I will no longer allow myself to operate in fear.  For too long I have been comfortable operating in other people’s shadows and even as I type these words…I am shaking because this is honestly from within me and I thank God for the change.  I don’t need it to be New Year’s to make a resolution because the decision has already been made and I will no longer delay.  Instead of fearing failure, I will welcome it if it comes, because it will only set me up for success if I learn from the mistakes I’ve made.  I’ve made enough mistakes to know that failure can strengthen you or break you down….I’ve chosen strength over breaking down and will continue to do so.

The choice is yours and I’ve made my decision….

As always…thanks for stopping by….


Yes…it was all worth it!

Change YOUR Story


Inspired by life itself…every body has a story to tell and you are the author of “your story.”  No one else can tell what you’ve been through like you can, others may try and begin to spread lies, but the truth eventually surfaces.  Others may try to assume and figure out what you’ve been through, but no one knows the story or has the answers quite like you.  This was random, but definitely inspirational to me. 

I used deep blue for the lips because I like using bold colors when I create any random art work…and I again I used bubble letters lol to write the phrase “my story” across the lips with a contrasting orange hue to play as the shadow in this sketch.  The story that you have to tell isn’t quite the same from everyone else’s lips.  Everyone has a story and a mouth that God gave them so they can share their story of what they have been through, overcome, and been blessed to walk into. 

You never know who is waiting to hear “your story”, so use your story to bless the lives of others and encourage them to greatness.  We have all faced obstacles in life and have triumphed to greater heights as a result of them.  Don’t be weary or lose hope, there is space for your story as well and all the blessings that will precede it in the end once you have triumphed victoriously over every circumstance that you have faced in this lifetime. 

There’s no time to give up, but there is time to hope and press forward into the greatness that you have been called to endeavor into.  Today is still here and tomorrow is still on its way, so take some time today to plan and excel into the great plan that God predestined for you to execute.  There’s no time like the present and the past is gone, but the future is around the corner, so take advantage today to make “your story” a great one, one of the best of all times.  Turn “your story” into a legacy today by trying again after every failed attempt and pressing forward into the success that you see for your future!

…As always…thanks for stopping by….


A Closer Look…into…


This sketch that I did recently seems busy and different, but at the same time it captivates my attention and I love it!  Built inside the eye is the phrase “Window to my Soul”, and I do believe that the eyes are the window to the soul.  By looking into a person’s eyes you can get a glimpse into their lives and what they are all about.  By looking into someone’s eyes you can see their happiness, pain, ambition, support, care, and more.  You can tell the difference between someone struggling with a serious issue by looking into their eyes.  The eyes have a story to tell, no matter how tough or shielded we try to be the truth comes out through our eyes.

This is my belief through experience.  When I went through my ordeal, I did not have to say much but it was apparent that I was going through a lot.  Occasionally, I would have someone approach me and ask me if I was “okay”, and with my tough exterior I tend to hold my emotions in until I get a safe place to release them.  The public atmosphere is not that place.  In private, I would vent to those closest to me, cry, or even create art as a means of escape from the pain that I was facing.  With time and much love…I’ve moved on.

The eyes say a lot and they have a story to tell, you can tell a lot by a person that refuses to look into your eyes.  If you’re in conversation with someone who cannot look you in your eyes, then be careful….they’re hiding something and at times I wish I would’ve taken heed to this concept, but instead I thank God for I went through…I learned a lot.  Also, this drawing kind of reminds me of the Philadelphia Eagles because of the green and brown color combination lol.

I really had fun doing this sketch and playing with shapes and typography by hand, it was fun.  I haven’t done bubble letters in a looong time!

As always…thanks for stopping by and please leave your thoughts down below….

The roads we take


I was riding home on the train one day and I was inspired by the train tracks that laid before me, with the twists and turns and winding. As I looked on toward the tracks, I began thinking about life and where it takes us and where the road we choose leads us.  That’s what inspired me to create this random sketch one night. 

I started off by drawing a shoe…I love shoes….something different…


And then I extended it by drawing the street and train tracks…I started off with just pencil but I wasn’t satisfied! 

Basically, when it comes to life we choose which road we are going to take.  We choose whether or not to be satisfied where we are or to push for more.  We choose whether or not live the reality that has been placed before us or to live in pursuit of our dreams.  The choice lies within every individual and today we have the freedom to choose which route we will take.  How our day begins and ends is depends on our actions, motivations, and decisions.  It really doesn’t depend on everyone else around us and what is going on…we choose whether or not to remain optimistic about the future, we choose whether or not to hold hatred up higher than everything else, we choose whether or not be ordinary or extraordinary.

Many times…the choice lies within us. Circumstances and obstacles are not there to bring us down, they are just the hindrances and road blocks that make us stronger once we overcome them.  Our entire life was not planned ahead of time to just be ordinary, but rather to be extraordinary.  This drawing symbolizes to me the path that I am choosing now.  I choose to live to be free and happy, free from strife, complaining, and doubt.  This drawing is a fantasy and I choose to live out my dreams and fantasies to be a role model to my child so that she can feel encouraged to do the same in her life. 

If I fail, then I shall try again…hey…who knows where the path will lead…until I try?

As always…thanks for stopping by…