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Who Do you Love More? x Get it Now

The album “Who Do You Love More?”, featuring Chill Moody x Beano x Hank McCoy – all three from Philly, dropped on February 4th on Itunes and on Google play.  I must admit…I was highly anticipating this album, especially since hearing “Last Night in Town” on Sound Cloud via Chill Moody’s page.  When I got home on Tuesday I immediately went online to cop the album and it’s what I expected and more!  Chill Moody did his thing, and Beano….ladies if y’all don’t know…he can sang!  Hank McCoy produced the dope beats for the songs on the album.

The collaboration amongst these three is pretty amazing, ever since I downloaded the album yesterday, it’s pretty much been on repeat and each track has it’s own flavor and catchy lyrics.  Like I said, after hearing “Last Night in Town” on sound cloud, they had me and I knew that I had to cop the album.  And there were a few other tracks that caught my attention, starting with “Right Under My Nose”, lol I did not expect what was coming at the end of that song…I had to go back and listen to it again. The ending really caught me off guard but it all makes sense, you have to hear the whole song to understand but the title says it all!  The hook on the song “What’s for Breakfast” is one my faves…like I said that dude named Beano can really sang!

I’m not going to review every single track, however the interlude “Money Coming Down” is dope…I wish it was a little longer, but it runs right into “BSGTBPT”, I have no idea what the title of this song means but the track is hot.  This album “Who Do you Love More?” is filled with songs dealing with various stages and types of relationships, break ups, and more. If you think that you’re missing out because you haven’t heard what’s on this album, then you are.  Visit itunes now to download the album or you can look it up on Google Play for Android phone users. It was #27 on the itunes hip hop chart the day that is dropped and I haven’t heard any complaints, just nice things from everyone who has the album. It’s under $10 and it’s definitely worth the buy…you won’t be disappointed.

One more thing…this Friday, these fellas, Chill Moody x Beano x Hank McCoy, will be performing this album live at the Hard Rock Cafe in Center City, Philadelphia.  This is a red carpet event, so if you’re going…dress for the affair.  They have a limited number of VIP tickets available along with general admission. If you love the album and want to see the live performance, get your tickets to go to the Hard Rock Cafe, for this Friday, February 7th doors open at 8:00 p.m.

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Hip Hop Finale at the Blockley x Chase Allen

 “The Blockley”, located in Philly, officially closed its doors on December 31, 2013.  Before they said good bye to the music and crowds that they once attracted, they scheduled a line up of shows that represented the different genres of music that once graced their performance stage.  There was something for everyone to enjoy!  Those final days were bitter sweet for some, but everyone had the opportunity to show up one last time and say good bye while enjoying live performances.

So I decided to go to the hip hop finale which took place on Thursday, December 26, 2013, at 9 p.m.  It took awhile but the crowd grew as time went by, I guess the music lovers were taking awhile to come out after all the fun and busyness associated with the holidays and spending time with family.  But for me it was back to work/ business as usual the day after Christmas so my time was cut short.  Initially, the number of people that came out could have been discouraging to some, but as time went on the crowd grew larger and supportive throughout the performances that night.

Philly Hip Hop artist Chase Allen was the first to take the stage with DJ Aye Boogie.




Before Chase Allen got on the stage his “Leader of the New School” intro gained the crowds undivided attention for when he took the mic.  The audience enjoyed the music and found themselves in tune to the songs that Chase performed from his new mix tape “D.A.R.K.”  As the night went on, the crowd grew larger and the other artists followed the lead of Chase to take the stage…but the show started a lot later than I had anticipated and I had to skip out and miss the rest of the show.  I was looking forward to it as this was the final performance here at the Blockley…but Chase Allen never disappoints so it’s cool…but I’ll plan better for next time.

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DJ Ricochet x Move In Silence


Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with the busy and very popular DJ Ricochet to ask him a few questions.  Besides being the “Untouchable Technician”, one of Philly’s hottest DJ’s, and the official DJ for hip hop artist Chill Moody, he’s building a brand and a campaign that is catching on to his fans and followers.  “Move In Silence”, I noticed the campaign not too long ago and I was somewhat inspired by it before completely understanding what it stood for…but after catching up DJ Ricochet, I admire the brand and I’ve noticed that it’s definitely catching on in the city. 



(Pictured above, DJ Ricochet’s Move in Silence sweatshirt)

Janets Journee: What inspired you to create the “move in silence” campaign?

DJ Ricochet: The Move in Silence campaign was started in late 2012. The premise of the campaign was to achieve major accomplishments in life without having to boast or brag; essentially to move in silence. I wanted to create and invest in a brand that actually meant something to me; I felt like I was always investing in everyone else and this was my way of investing in myself.


JJ: What does it mean to you personally?

DJ: For me personally, it’s somewhat a representation of who I am as a person; outside of d’jing I’m a very reserved. So coming up with the concept of ‘Move in Silence’ was a fairly easy task. But it means everything to me, working hard and remaining humble. Move in Silence that’s what it’s all about.


JJ: How effective has it been for your overall brand?

DJ: It’s actually been pretty good. The public is very receptive of it and I’ve found that a lot of people agree with what it stands for; I guess they like humility. As far as the brand, that’s been working out well too. It’s gotten to the point that soon as someone sees the ‘Move in Silence’ logo they immediately think of DJ Ricochet. And that’s the ultimate goal.


JJ: How does it tie into your brand as a dj?

DJ: Like i said earlier, I’m very reserved outside of d’jing. And what most people don’t know is that with the exceptions of weddings, I have been promoting, financing, preparing (top to bottom) my own shows since 2011. And I’ve had major success in the city; my latest two accomplishments are (Mikeys 8/11-07/13 ) & (Han Dynasty 07/13 – Present). But all in all I don’t look for any glory for the things I do behind the scenes to make things happen, nor do I feel the need to boast about what’s going on. I’m just doing what makes me happy, but I’m also living out what I promote.


JJ: Where do you envision the “move in silence” campaign in the future?

DJ: Good question I just want the brand to continue to be successful and as long as I like it that’s all that really matters to me.


JJ: Will you go further then using t-shirts?

DJ: I currently have t-shirts, tanks, and hoodies. By spring 2014 I will also have hats and pajama pants.

It was definitely great catching up with DJ Ricochet, he’s a man with a plan and making progressive moves in Philly.  I look forward to seeing where his brand and career as a DJ takes him in the future, he has accomplished so much with a humble attitude and he’s definitely going farther.  You can follow DJ Ricochet on Instagram and Twitter@djricochet03 for upcoming news on events and to contact him for bookings.

DJ Ricochet’s upcoming events in Philadelphia, PA:1/19/2014- J Allen presents the R&B Collective Up Close & Personal with Suzanne Christine & Friends at Warm Daddy’s

2/7/2014- Who Do You Love More? w/ Chill Moody x Beano x Hank McCoy, Hard Rock Cafe at 8 pm

2/8/2014- Roses & Rose, Han Dynasty, 10pm until 3am (Ladies free until 11pm)



The Final Four at the Blockley

Here’s a little something for the music lovers in Philly: As 2013 comes to a close, the Blockley will be closing its doors, but they’ll be going out with a bang.  Here are the final four shows with information that will be taking place at the Blockley before they close their doors at the end of this coming weekend.  If you’re in Philly, be sure to stop by.

Thurs. 12/26Hip-Hop Finale feat. Schoolly D, Reef the Lost Cauze, Cee Knowledge (Doodlebug of Digable Planets), Mic Stew, Beano, Voss, and Chase Allen

8 pm Doors, 9 pm Show


$10 adv/$12 D.O.S.

Fri. 12/27Splintered Sunlight (Grateful Dead tribute) w/ Sakima

8 pm Doors, 9 pm Show


$7 adv/$10 D.O.S.


Sat. 12/28Long Miles w/ Spiritual Rez

8 pm Doors, 9 pm Show


$10 adv/$13 D.O.S.


Sun. 12/29A Funky Farewell feat. The Everyone Orchestra

Matt Butler (Conductor)

Al Schnier (moe.)

Mike Greenfield (Lotus)

Shmeeans (Lettuce)

Steve Molitz (Particle)

Chew (North Mississippi All Stars)

Dave Dreiwitz (Ween)

Tom Hamilton (American Babies/Brothers Past)

Clay Parnell (Brothers Past/Biodiesel)

Jennifer Hartswick (Trey Anastasio Band)

John Kimock (Steve Kimock & Friends)

DJ Logic

Late night DJ Battle 1-3 am feat. DJ Logic & Special Guest TBA

Opening Sets by: Direct Support TBA, The Underwater Sounds, CARLSound, The Bailey Hounds

5:30 pm Doors, 6 pm Show

All Ages


Here’s a listing of what will be happening this weekend at the Blockley before they close their doors.  If you’re in Philly or nearby, stop by to check a show out and enjoy some good music.  Some shows have age restrictions and some do not, just be sure to note it along with the show info that you are interested in.

…As always…thanks for stopping by and be sure to check them out….

D.A.R.K. x A Conversation with Hip Hop Artist Chase Allen

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and interview/ talk with Philly Hip Hop recording artist Chase Allen.  He’s real, down to earth, and has a message for Philly and the rest of the world through his passion, which is music.  Check out our conversation and learn more about the artist, what he’s up to, and how he stays focused to achieve his goals.


(Chase Allen pictured above at Sigma Sound Studios, to read the entire interview click this link.)


JanetsJournee: What project is “Tunnel Vision?”
Chase Allen: Tunnel Vision is like basically, my mix tape…my second real mixtape.  Just as far as me being….becoming who I am…I think that like put me in front of people.  That made people realize who I was.  I have so many records coming out it’s ridiculous.  I have like D.A.R.K. is gonna be phenomenal. 
I have a song on Dark that’s coming out, it’s called Getaway, it’s about a female who escapes and goes on a vacation through drugs….she’s here but she but she’s  not here, she’s on a vacation. I’m basically just telling her that you can get away without doing that, you can just get away with me right now.  I like putting messages in songs because it just makes people aware even if they already are. 
 I’m a do a video for it.  I’m doing a lot, I just have a lot more free time now.  Cause um…I was working at a job…I had a great job, but I just quit just to follow my dream and do my music.
JJ:How has that worked out for you?
CA: It’s a struggle.  I’m not gonna lie, but I have a great support system.  My manager just came in, he’s the one encouraged me and said “yo quit, don’t worry ‘bout nothing we gonna be good.”  I have an incredible support system.  It’s a struggle tho.  My mom she doesn’t understand.
JJ: So do you stay at home with her?
CA: No I have my own place. But you know my mom she just wants security.  She wants her sons to have security, that’s what all mothers want, parents.  They want they child to be secure in the world.  Me having a job, benefits, making real good money at a young age.  It’s like my son, okay this one’s set, let me move onto the next one.  ‘All my kids got jobs and work and got benefits.’
JJ:  Yeah I heard you on your cd…talkin bout ‘mom don’t understand why I quit or whatever…’
CA: *sighs*
JJ: I mean I can understand.  First of all, how old are you?
CA: 24.

JJ: Do you have  family, or is it just you?
CA: No, it’s just me. See that’s the thing as far as me following my dreams, it’s like a complete thing.  I wouldn’t have quit my job if I had a child. 
JJ: Well it’s a good thing it’s just you.
CA:  I just don’t want my kids to grow up like I did.  Not to say that I grew up bad.  Growing up I just always had this vision of having the “quote on quote” American Dream. I don’t think I’m gonna stop until I reach that.  Until then that’s when I’ll have kids.  But yeah it’s just me for now.
JJ:  I mean it’s good it’s just you, and that’s what I respect about a lot of Philly entrepreneurs.

JJ: But um BAM…Bank Account Mafia, what inspired you to come up with that whole thing?
CA: Um I actually I came up with that concept when I did security at Wachovia.
JJ: Oh was that the job that you quit?
CA: No I was at Pennsylvania hospital, I was security.
JJ: Are they hiring? Naw I’m playing with you.
CA: Yeah I quit tho! You know what I’m saying?  My mom was like “You crazy?!” Like mom this ain’t what I love.

JJ: Was that a good sale? (B.ank A.ccount M.afia t-shirts)?
CA: Yeah I had shirts, my shirts they kinda sell themselves. 
JJ:  Yeah because the image, it really is cute.
CA: Yeah it’s nice so, it’s just God. I really stopped with the shirts because I didn’t want it…the thing is I don’t like being like…when I want people to think of Chase Allen…I want them to think of something that’s different.  I don’t want them to think like…I’ve been performing with a band for forever.  I don’t make party music, I make real music.  So you know I just feel as though I had to have that authenticity for everything.  For clothing, for whatever.  I didn’t wanna have shirts cause everybody has shirts. 
JJ: But you’re shirts are cool though.
CA: Yeah they are, but I just didn’t want to get narrowed down to just that being a shirt.
JJ:  So you don’t want people to define you for fashion, you want them to define you for your music?
CA: Not even for fashion but just for it like being a shirt.  Everybody has shirts.  I want the music to stand for what it is.  And I want my brand to be something that you see and say ‘I respect that.’  I kind of just discontinued the shirts. 
I was sitting down with JP and was discussing coming out with shirts.  But I think when I do come out with shirts they’ll be….exclusive…I want it to mean something.  I want it to have an effect on people as my music does.  You listen to my music, however you feel great, if I present a shirt to you that makes you feel the same exact way, already have the logo, great.
JJ: But how do you plan on doing that?  I mean you don’t have to be like “RocaWear”, just across the shirt…you got actual images that define in a way, artistically, your music.  Like Bank Account Mafia, that’s your band, that’s your brand.  You don’t see money bags with suits on often.  You know?
CA:  I still think that’s crazy.
We was in South Carolina and we stopped at Chic Fil A on our way to Atlanta, I had a festival in Atlanta.  We met like these…we were in North Carolina, Charlotte, and we met like these two older ladies like one was probably about fifty and another was about sixties.  The thing about me is I always tend to like connect with older people.  I never had my grandparents and I always connect with like older people.
JJ: So are you more mature then? I guess?
CA: Ummm kinda, you can say that, in certain things.  You know I’m still me at the end of the day.  They just was like ‘oh my god, them shirts are like…can I have one?  Can I buy one?’  You know they kinda sell themselves.  That’s the amazing thing about art.


JJ: Do you play any music yourself?
CA: I produce, I make beats.  I love sampling, but as far as playing naw.  I have a guitar and don’t use it, I need to.
JJ: I noticed how you had Chill Moody on your cd, and you featured other local Philly artists as well.
CA: Yeah Lee Mazin, AL 1 Thing, I’m just all about supporting my cd and my people.  At the end of the day, when I take these 20,000 cd’s to Detroit and hand them out and to Chicago, not only are they hearing about Chase Allen, but they hearing about Lee Mazin, Chill Moody, Al 1 Thing, Dosage, Tyler James, Latif, you know….whomever.  I’m just puttin on for my city man and I’m not gonna let nothing change me from supporting what I think is dope. 

CA: I’m having a mix tape release session…December 15th at Silk City,   It’s gonna kinda be like a VH-1 story telling/ listening session.

For more on Chase Allen, click this link.  Stay tuned for his new release on December 15th, D.efine A. R.eal K.ing.  Thanks for stopping by…



Chase Allen during sound check at Sigma Sound Stage, before his live performance.