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Girls Night Out x Hush Philly


(L to R) Me, Qira, and Charelle.

Recently, I was able to link up with my girls from college and hang out for a day.  We hit up Hush Philly for their day party…at a secret location…you had to rsvp for details.  On Saturday, January 18, 2014, on the eve of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day…Hush Philly hosted their event at Red Sky, located in the Old City section of Center City Philadelphia.  Me and my girls had a good time, ran into some familiar faces and enjoyed the music by DJ Aye Boogie and DJ RTodaizza.  Pictures are worth a thousand words…so for this post…here are the recap pics!


There was definitely a great turnout!  Packed house!


Red Sky was packed all night, the party was from 3-9 pm, and free before 5pm to enter.  I think the party kept going on past 9pm, the place was packed all night!



It was nice to catch up with an old college buddy, Taurean, definitely had a good time.


Last but not least…me in my outfit for the day…

Black and faux leather blazer: Target

Black tank: Old Navy

Tribal print tights: Burlington Coat Factory

Peep toe lace booties: Aldo at DSW

I’m so mad because I had on  a cute robot necklace that I got from Macy’s smh…but I popped it!  lol.

As you can see, me and my girls had a good time at Hush Philly as well as everybody else who was in the building!  We talked, laughed, ate some really good food, danced, and met new people.  It doesn’t get any better—> Next Hush Philly event will be held on Saturday, March 15, 2014…keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned to the website to send in your rsvp for details when it gets closer to the event!

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Wild Animals to pound the pavement!


I spotted these beauties at Macy’s not too long ago. These shoes embody both elegance and sass. The sleek design of the black leather upper portion of the shoe exudes class and an attitude of “sexy.” While the heel and sole of the shoe possess a zebra print design that is both intriguing and memorable.


This is the perfect and narrow shoe to show off spending a night out in the city. These babies will take you from happy hour to dinner to after hours and they are making a statement! They were on sale for $99.99 and they are by Calvin Klein. I love majority of what the Calvin Klein label produces. Lately their shoes have been full of bold, adventurous, and very sexy prints!

Ladies….you can pair these shoes with a bold solid color and let the shoes speak….or be daring and pair them with a complimentary print. Whatever you do…..be confident….because thats the first thing people see!

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Snakeskin platforms and bow ties!


Goodmorning loves 😉
Recently, I went to an event and wore a bow tie shirt from Burlington Coat Factory with a knit vest from H&M. The “skinny jeans” are from Old Navy and the Snakeskin platform booties are from Target. The earrings are from a Fashion Bug closing sale.

How much did my outfit cost??? $34.31 Awesome!!!! Lol

The vest from H&M was $7
The shirt from Burlington Coat Factory was $10
The earrings from Fashion Bug closing sale were $5
The denim jeans from Old Navy were $2.31….i don’t know how that happened, but I’m grateful!!! I didnt know how much the jeans were until I got to the register WOWSERS!!!
The skakeskin platforms were $10 from Target

This was a last minute ootn for an event the other day….just wanted to share the goods 🙂

N oh yeah….my make up is MAC, Lancome, and Covergirl!- Love them!

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