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Lillie Couture x Fall 2014 Collection


On Friday, February 7th, Latasha Hall, the talented fashion designer behind the fabulous line “Lillie Couture Designs“, previewed her fall 2014 collection at W Studios in Philadelphia, PA.  The line debuted a glamorous collection of jumpsuits, dresses, with details of gold and ruffles which made each look stand out on the runway.  The theme of the evening was “Welcome to Wonderland”, and truly the collection was a wonderland of chic fashion for today’s modern woman.


I love the detail in the beaded golden bodice and the flow of the floor length gown.


This chic red ruffled top jumpsuit is absolutely fabulous!  I would love to pair this with a white blazer and wear it to the office during spring, then drop the blazer and head on over to happy hour in my heels!  The gold accents add the perfect touch to this look while keeping the collection cohesive.


This ruffled black dress and gold beading is stunning!


This golden gown is glamorous and full of amazing details!


I love the simplicity of this white long sleeved gown paired with a very intricate and couture shoulder piece, this look captures your attention with elegance and grace.

The pieces in this collection are chic, elegant, and most certainly fabulous.  I love the entire collection, however my personal favorite is the red jumpsuit!  The gold accents throughout the line add the perfect touch to each piece.  The miniature hats and face masks bring the fantasy to the collection from the theme “Welcome to Wonderland.”  Truly, as you can see from the photo recap, this was a wonderland in fashion.


As always…thanks for stopping by and leave a comment below!  Don’t you just love this collection by Lillie Couture Designs?  I do!


Got the Look? : Awards Season Style

It’s Awards season and all the stars on the red carpet are setting trends and style standards.  While it’s Awards season, do you have your look?  Galas, formal events, and Valentine’s Day are just right around the corner.  Check out some of the designers represented by CreativPR below to check out their lines and find out below how to contact them to schedule your personal fitting today.  You can look just as good as the stars in Hollywood with these gorgeous looks from the designers shown below!  (All images are property of CreativPR.)


These haute couture looks in the Yvette collection are simply fabulous with the color palette ranging from deep dark fall colors to pastel.  The embellishments are just right on every look!


The O’Blanc collection is reminiscent of classic looks, A-line, and sheath.  These looks drape perfectly and every body type can find a style to fit them on the red carpet.  I love the use of the classic pan-tone colors and bold hues.  Anybody looking to be classic Hollywood chic can’t go wrong with this collection.


The Lum collection is very reminiscent of old Hollywood, the looks remind me of old films such as Cleopatra, and the looks of actresses Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.  These looks seem as though their inspiration has derived from there and they are full of classic and strong lines and structures.


Drenusha Xharra brings the glam with these sleek metallic looks, soft lace, and a golden yellow glow in the line.  If you’re looking to be chic and modern, this is the way to go.  My fave look is #84, it’s fabulous…you can wear this on the red carpet and mix and match the pieces for a night on the town. You can’t go wrong with #84 or any of these looks!

AdolfoSanchez (Numbered at 1) 900px

Adolfo Sanchez’s collection is mesmerizing.  I love the soft teals, white, the entire palette!  I especially love the way that this collection builds up from modern/ chic to bring the drama with couture on the last picture #22.  The model is especially fierce, rockin’ her golden fro mohawk!  I love it!  The designers concept is clear and striking from onset to finish and this collection speaks volumes.  If you’re looking for anything bold, eye catching, dramatic, couture, or fabulous then you’ve found it all in this collection!


After you’ve chosen one of the looks from above, take the time to style it with one of these fabulous pieces from Chandra Jewelry.  In one of my older posts, Walk the Talk Event, I had the opportunity to meet one of the designers behind Chandra Jewelry and view their beautiful collection of accessories.  Trust me, you cannot go wrong with one of these pieces!  They are fantastic!

If you’re looking for something to wear to a formal or semi-formal event, definitely contact CreativPR, they will not steer you wrong with these talented fashion and jewelry designers on their roster.  For more details on setting up an appointment, click on this link for details.

….As always…thanks for stopping by and drop a line telling me about your favorite look posted above!

Couture on the Runway x Lillie Designs

Lillie Feather Dress Photographed by Thein La Photography

In recent years, I have had the opportunity of witnessing the innovative and fabulous designs of the couture fashion line “Lillie Designs.”  Happening on Friday, February 7, 2014, at 7:00 p.m., Latasha Hall of Lillie Designs will be hosting her first ever major runway presentation showcasing the designs of her upcoming fall 2014 line.  I am so excited about this event, I know that it will be stunning and full of glamor on the runway stage!  This event will take place at “W Studio”, located on Delaware Ave in Philadelphia, PA.  This is one event that the fashion forward sure won’t want to miss!

Lillie Dress Photograped by Thein La Photography

The fall 2014 couture collection of Lillie Designs is inspired by the mystery and mysticism of Alice in Wonderland.  After seeing the beautiful designs by this young designer at Philly Fashion week in previous seasons, I am very excited to view this new collection!  This event will start with a cocktail reception, followed by the runway show, and an industry mixer.  I am doubly excited about this event and I am highly anticipating the runway looks Lillie Designs first official and major runway show!

Do you see the pictures of her designs in this post?  They are fabulous!  Thanks for stopping by!

Fear of Landing….


Unlike this runway look from “Birds” by Catalin Botazeau from NY Couture Fashion week fall ’13….some of us have a fear of landing.

When various circumstances and situations arise in our lives, we react out of survival. Whatever event happens that calls for a change, we fly high seeking for that change. Sometimes….we may go back and jeopardize our survival….but if we are smart enough, we take the opportunity to fly off when it arises again.

So when we do fly away from events that are no longer helpful to us….seeking change….the process seems daunting. When we do finally find the answer, we are sometimes afraid to move forward. This fear can be paralyzing or we can choose to operate against it and move forward to the unknown.

Although the unknown seems like a scary place….it can actually be the the remedy for a situation. We cannot allow fear to paralyze us…rather we need to pull on the strength that God gives us and move forward into our blessing. For we do not know when the opportunity will present itself again.

So be like the bird in the picture above and fly across the runway of life and land for your pose. Because where you are going and moving forward into….will be fabulous. Continue to move forward and remain hopeful for the unknown in your future.

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