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2014 x A New Year’s Resolution!

Happy New Year’s everyone!  It’s 2014 already and I’m pretty sure that we’ve all made our New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year and have probably broken them by now. When 2014 came this year…I failed to make any New Year’s resolutions because I know that I will not keep them.  I break them every year along with everyone else, so I’ve given up on making those resolutions.

I can tell you this, this year I plan to live and follow my dreams.  Whether success comes my way or if I’m hit with an immediate failure, I’m going to get back up and live out the dreams that I’ve had for so long.  2013 was a year of major changes for me.  My daughter and I went through so many rough transitions, but with the love and help from God, family, and friends, we are stronger than we once were.  2014 is a year of untapped opportunities that I plan to take part in full force!

Everyday I am changing, re-evaluating, refocusing, and evolving myself.  If anything, 2014 is my year of opportunities.  As opportunities for growth present themselves, I am willing to take on the challenge and pursue them.  There’s no reason for me to be in the same place in 2015.  2014….I am looking forward to you….and although I do not have a definite resolution in place….I am declaring that this is my year of growth and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise without fear.  And that is something that I’m working on everyday!

How I spent my New Year’s:  Low key, with a cold and plenty of treats to hold me over….


Cupcakes!!!!  2014!!!


This yummy chicken penne pasta from a local Italian grocer…yummmmmmmm!!!!!!!


This was my only glass…it’s sweet but strong…lasted me about two weeks!

That’s how I spent my New Year’s this year, in the house and cozy under a blanket while watching New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and more on T.V. How did you spend New Year’s?  Drop a line below and let me know!

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Freedom in a New Light


Changes and transitions in life can throw us off, especially when they are unexpected, but you never know what God is up to when they occur.  The older we become, the more difficult it becomes to adapt to major sudden changes in our lives.  Although it can be hard to face change…don’t knock it because it could be a good thing….a very good thing.  People come and go, jobs change, living situations change, money changes, and friends may even change….but if you’re ever looking for something constant, God is.

We cannot control the outside forces that push us to transition into another place in life, however can do have control over how we react to it and whether or not we grow from it.  We cannot even control the reactions of the  people in our lives that may be faced with the same situation and pressure and that can reveal the true contents of the people/ person that we may be around.  We don’t always understand the “why?” or reason things happen…but they do…and if we stay still long enough and remain calm, the reason “why” may be revealed to us.

If I’m talking about changes and transitions so much, then why did I entitle this post “freedom in  a new light?”  Well, because the shifting of people, places, and things that can happen during major life changes can actually bring about a new freedom and light in our lives.  I’ve talked about it before…about 7 months ago I split up with the father of my child.  He refused to allow me to get mines and our daughter’s belongings on numerous occasions.  At first, I admit it set me off…mostly because he doesn’t even provide for her…but God.   He actually ended up trashing and destroying 96% of mines and my daughter’s belongings, but that is okay.  I’m no fool, I prepared for that moment without believing that it would happen.  I began replacing my daughter’s toys, clothing, and shoes before the occurrence.  As for myself, I lost so much weight in the transition that I wouldn’t have been able to fit most of my old clothing anyhow.  However, I was able to retrieve important documents, my daughter’s favorite tutu’s, and my designer bags before he had a chance to trash that.

Yes, this sounds horrible and low down dirty for a person to do, but it was for my good.  I didn’t need that stuff and the more I wasn’t around, the more I didn’t desire that “stuff.”  All of that “stuff” contained old memories that were tossed into the trash, I don’t need them.  I don’t need a daily reminder of how poorly I was treated by someone I devoted myself to and trusted for years.  I am not bashing the individual, I am just saying that through all of that and getting past the emotions of anger and sadness has allowed me to have a freedom in a new light.  Through it all, God kept me.  There is no other way to put it.  The change happened, major life transitions were into place, and I had to remain calm.  Yes, I cried often, very often…but after the tears I did see the new light.  The new light of happiness, freedom, and life that was waiting for me.  I didn’t snap or lash out against the individual, and even to this day I don’t.  I’ve forgiven and now I move on.  I could not control how he reacted to me or individuals nearby, but I could control my emotions and reactions. 

If I didn’t control my emotions or reactions, I’d be out of a job, would have let down my child, and disappointed family and friends.  I was able to remain so calm, that my father had to call me one day and ask “how are you doing with all of this?”  The question caught me off guard, because I just put my daughter as my responsibility ahead of how I was feeling.  She has needs and she has a mommy and loving family that meets them.  I didn’t think twice about my obligations or leaving them and I’m so glad I didn’t.  No matter what comes your way…it’s gonna come, just be conscious of your reaction to life’s events and happenings and trust God.  Always remain calm, peace will get you farther than anger.  Operating off of anger can be poisonous and set you back farther than what you desire.  Always be mindful of how you carry yourself and react around others.  Yes cry, yes scream, yes yell, yes vent to loved ones…but there is a time and a place to do that.  Hey, even get counseling if you need to.  I thought about it once…but when they say time heals all wounds….it’s kind of true, trusting God and allowing time to take it’s course can help.

If you look into my eyes now, you won’t find tears, because they have turned into strength and determination to build a better future for my family.  Sadness was apart of my life at one point, but today I smile and sing, because God has brought me this far and I am truly grateful.  I may not have all the material wealth that I’d like to possess, but I am content with what God has blessed me with and to me, that is living.  What God has blessed me with, I will no longer sit on or just look at idly…but I’m pounding the pavement and have raised a level up to aggressive ambition….if I fail, then so what….doesn’t mean that I’ll give up.  What is success without knowing what failure is?  Failure is not my end.  This new freedom and light of understanding that I posses gives me the strength to carry on knowing that God is with me always.


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One Night can change your “Forever”

We live in a society today where bigger is better and the more you have, the better off you are. The more cars, houses, clothes, and property you have, the higher status you have. Basically….if you have more, you are somebody in this society.  ….but it seems that we have forgotten the power of one.

One job interview can change your career, one person can change your perspective, and one day/ night can truly change your life. Everything that you thought was….no longer is. And everything that you thought was truth is a lie. Even your foundation can be shaken to new proportions and heights. This change can be a good one….or in the eyes of a pessimist…..a bad one.

It’s all about perspective and how you view life. One single moment has changed my life and completely changed how I view and react to life’s circumstances. What didn’t take me down….has only strengthened me. The one thing that I longed for….no longer exists in my life.

But that is okay, because with God’s help, strength, love, and the right people around you, you can overcome your greatest fears and lowest points in life. Just because the end wasn’t how you planned for a career, relationship, home, business, etc….does not mean that life is over. It simply is a sign that it is time to seek God, regroup, refocus, and get to work.

When things fall apart….they don’t get rebuilt with tears. They get built up with the intelligence of the mind and the strength of hands working together. So….don’t give up so easily, because that brighter day is coming.

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Strange Finds and a Curious Mind


What in the world is that….^^^^ up there???

On my way into work this morning, I found this enormous cricket or bug above a sign! It was the size of my hand. I have never seen anything like it before, but I was so intrigued by it. It’s kind of groce, because it is a bug, but I am so amazed because I have never seen anything like it!

It’s kind of like life, we get used to the norm and think that’s it. Until we are challenged or become interested in something beyond what we typically comprehend. We can overlook so many blessings and opportunities from God if we continue in the norm, without allowing room for growth and change.

When we grow and allow necessary change to take place in our lives, it makes living more invigorating. It gives us the confidence to take on challenges that may suddenly arise. So when you come across something new, don’t turn it away for fear of change. Instead, seek God to know the difference, because He just might be knocking at your door to get your attention to rise to another level.

As always….thank you for following me on my “journee :-)”

To be happy….Or not to be?

To be happy….or not to be happy? That is the question. It seems that in life it doesn’t matter how much you bust your chops to make someone happy, it just isn’t good enough. From relationships to work, you will encounter some sincere jerks. As sad as it is, it is the truth.

Recent events that have happened in my life….I still don’t believe happened. And it seems like as soon as one thing goes right, another lace comes undone. However, my parents always taught me to prepare for inclimate weather….so with a little more wisdom….this time I will.

If I prepare and there is no storm, well at least I was prepared, it’s better than being being caught in a storm unprepared! Even if I move and could’ve stayed, isn’t my peace of mind and joy more rewarding then being dragged in the mud? There is only but so much daily negative turmoil a person can handle.

It is a shame that some people have not grown, but rather remain stagnant. They cannot appreciate people other than themselves making great strides and achieving amazing goals. It is so sad….and sadly enough….it may not change.

However, I will change….but only for the better. I will not conform to the negativity of others. I will not accept or inflict your coward negativity on others, instead, I will be the strong woman of God that I am and look unto the hills from which cometh my help!

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