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Just Me x Flaws and All


I am me, unapologetic and fully confident.  I must admit…it took me awhile to get to this point.  For the longest, I thought that I had everything to prove to everyone else.  I thought I had to be considered the skinniest, prettiest, and every other -est by everybody else.  In spending sometime by myself and taking the time to pursue those dreams closest to my heart…I simply realize that everybody’s else’s thoughts about me are not the absolute.  I can only be me…and truly that is the best way to be.


I’ve got blemishes, stretchmarks, bruises, scars…you name the flaw and I probably have it somewhere lol.  I am by no means perfect and I love that about myself!  I’ve finally gotten to a point where I accept and love who I am, who God made me to be.  My flaws aren’t just on the inside, they are on the inside as well and I am asking God to help me with those as well.  I’m not perfect and I own that and it took me a long time to get to this place in life.  There is no need for me to be content with being fake or unreal, I am who I am and I love whom God made me to be.


Who am I?  Just me lol.  A young college educated mother of one, who is a blogger, artsy, and ambitious.  While this Queen sits on her throne and awaits her King…she won’t be moping around.  Instead, she’ll be loving who God made her to be, raising her princess, and working.  I don’t know why it took me so long, but I truly thank God for this confidence, I am me all day long and I love it!  I accept my flaws and appreciate the good that I have to offer.  I know I wrote an entire post about flaws…but with everyone talking about what is always perfect…I just thought I’d be different and discuss what’s not so perfect….beginning with me and that is okay.  Because what isn’t perfect is real just as much as what is perfection can be real.  There’s so much to me and I am exploring it all!

Take a look in the mirror and smile and love whom God made you to be.  Now you see the you that everyone else loves so much!  Accept your flaws because they are real and make you uniquely you.  No one else can have your flaw or your perfection because God made them especially for you!  Which is beyond beautiful.


MLK Day x Community x Building

(from the Seattle Times newspaper- google)

Today was the National Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, a day of community involvement and growth.  While I was a college student, I faithfully participated in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of service while on campus.  However, once I graduated from college I believe that I lost sight about how powerful this day is.  It is a day when people from different backgrounds in the community come together in an effort to improve and empower from within using service and other community building exercises.  Once I graduated from college, I lost sight of that purpose and focus and used this day of service as a day to serve myself and sleep in.

Fast forward a couple of years and I’m now a mom and I want to teach my child the importance and value of community and what the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for.  Lost are those days of complete selfishness laying up in my bed.  However even on this particular day, I did not have the opportunity to take my daughter out to participate in any of the wonderful community service activities that were happening, because I had to work.  To be honest, the bills need to paid and I have an extra mouth to feed.  I felt so bad while I was at work today, because I truly wanted to be out performing some community service.

When I was a college student I was heavily into serving the community. My friends and I would go downtown with Bibles and food to hand out to the homeless, we would volunteer at Chosen 300 homeless ministries, anytime a homeless person asked for food- I would buy it or give them my pre-packaged food- whatever.  I was also a Sunday School and VBS teacher for two years while I worked full time as an elementary level teacher.  I also went to local nursing homes alone and with friends to sing hymns with the elderly, talk with them, and read God’s Word.  All of this…and what happened?

I got caught up in my own self serving ways and failed to continue to recognize the need in the community for volunteers.  In my opinion this is sad and I failed myself and my community, however it isn’t too late to pick up where I’ve left off.  I haven’t made a New Year’s Resolution in years, but if there’s one worth making, it’s to find a location to volunteer at and take my daughter with me to teach her at this tender age how important it is to give back.  I just feel as though I’ve been taking all of these years and haven’t been giving back and it’s time for me to change that, because change begins within.

If there’s anything that I need to remember it is to remember the path that was paved for me by my forefathers and what their insight was into what the future could be for us all.  If anything, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for the community and building, and if he said anything, he didn’t say to disregard other races, but rather to embrace them because we cannot categorize everyone in a single race to the hatred that some carry. As Dr. King stated in his famous “I Have A Dream” speech “We cannot walk alone.” He surely did not want me or anyone of us to carry that hatred or bitterness in our hearts.  Although I did not have the opportunity to participate in today’s beautiful community service events due to work obligations….I won’t let that stop me from serving.  You can hold me to it, I will find a place for baby girl and I to volunteer and support a charitable organization this year!  If you know of any great organizations, please share them with me in the comments section below.

…As always…thanks for stopping by….

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream Speech”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

A Ram in the Bush x God provides


Whew is all that I can say!  What a difference a day makes.  I am truly exhausted, sleep deprived, and concerned…but I am also relieved, enlightened, and truly blessed.  A lot went on today and I was shocked, disappointed, and frustrated all in one moment.  I lost control of a situation that I didn’t know was so severe and I was at a lost.  I didn’t know what to do and no body else had the answer for me.  I broke down and cried, worried, and didn’t see hope.  But then I saw where someone posted a scripture online and instead of passively reading it, I meditated on it and I was blessed by God using them…so blessed.  I was truly at a lost at one point today.  “But God,”  oh how I love that phrase because He can quickly change the outlook of any situation.

At one point I was all over the place trying to figure out how to handle the biggest situation of the day.  A major event caught me by surprise, completely.  So what did I do?  I asked God to see me through and make a way.  The best part is, He didn’t do it the way I thought He would or should…rather He did it the way it needed to be done and I truly thank God for that!  God provided a “ram in the bush” for me today, and it was not to benefit me, but I thank God for it’s appearance!  Whew and thank You Jesus is all that I can say! 

Basically, when you think it’s over, don’t throw in the towel just yet.  Rather pray, wait a little while, be still, and watch God work out any situation that you have need of.  He continuously does it for me over and over again…and I know for sure that He can do it for you as well.  Be open to the move of God and be humble.

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Silence x Emergency x Dial 911

Recently, I had a situation at home where my daughter wasn’t feeling well and after a long night, I decided to take her to the hospital.  If there’s one thing I do not like, it’s seeing my child in the hospital, no parent wants that for their child.  However, I do thank God for the doctors that help her.  My daughter has reactive airway disease a.k.a. asthma…they say it’s environmental, but I think it’s hereditary as well.  She had issues with her breathing and when the in home nebulizer treatments didn’t seem to be enough anymore, I immediately took my child to be seen.  This isn’t easy, it is very overwhelming for me to see my child on a hospital bed.  With taking her to the hospital, there are the lost hours at work and my income is what supports us….but what it boils down is that money will come and go…but my daughter…she is irreplaceable.  Her life and well being are far more superior than anything going on around me.  She puts a smile on my face everyday!  But still…as a single parent…this all can be too overwhelming to handle alone…my art….is a vision on paper describing my internal thoughts and feelings….


At first I created this by doing a quick sketch and using colored pencil to fill in everything…


Then I wanted to see more blending of the medium so I wet a paintbrush a ran it across the drawing in sections to allow more blending.  On the lips “Emergency Dial 911” is written…the lips are closed because when I see my child suffer, I do cry and wonder why…it hurts me every time we need to make a hospital visit…when this happens I don’t make a big deal out of it…I cry…get myself together and do what needs to be done.  Emergency 911…there was an emergency that needed to addressed and as mom first, I addressed it immediately.

Throughout the hair, you will see different adjectives written…on the left is my reality and on the right is what I’m hoping for my future.


Close up of the lips…I love the way you can see the imprints from where I erased and repositioned the letters.

As you can see there is a lot going on…yeah there was a visit to the hospital…but on a daily basis, there are so many thoughts, feelings, emotions, and facts that I deal with.  What it all comes down is that being a mom is my most important role, because there is a precious and intuitive little life that depends on me…and I don’t plan on letting her down.

Here’s my sketch and the story behind it…as always…thanks for stopping by…


Couture Tops and Polka Dots!


Pictured above is my babygirl who’s not too cool for school!—because she loves it 😉 She is definitely developing her own taste! If she had her way, she’d wear pretty tops, tutu’s, and sneakers everyday! But that’s what mommies are for….to switch up the routine a bit lol! Just the other day, she was so excited with what I picked out for her to wear, she picked it up and jumped up and down! Lol, her reaction was adorable!

On this day, she’s wearing a shirt with a kitty cat and 3-D rose shaped heart. A leopard print denim jacket (I loooove prints!), polka dot pants, Sperry’s, and kitty cat socks from childrens place 🙂


Check out those fabulous leopard print kitty cat socks 😉

I love to get dressed and dress baby girl up and have fun doing it! As long as we are appropriate, what’s wrong with mixing prints and loving color? Life is too short to be gloomy all the time, while we are alive….we are going to enjoy it as much as we can—and with tutu’s as well 😉

Shirt, Jacket, Socks: The Children’s Place

Pants and Sperry’s: Burlington Coat Factory