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Duke & Winston x Valentine’s Day Specials

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…or rather right at the end of the week!  Ladies, I know that we love to get our flowers, chocolates, and jewelry…but what about the men in our life?  Well, Duke & Winston is having a great sale going on right now up until Valentine’s Day- 25% off of all items that are red, white, and pink in store and online.  Duke & Winston has a lot of great items in store for the men in your life from ties to tees to baseball caps, they have it all!  They even have the cutest dog hoodies for your pets!  In all this cold and snow…it’s nice to have something for your pet to snuggle up in when they go outside.  I had the opportunity to stop by their store in the Northern Liberties section in Philadelphia, PA and I was able to take a few product shots to share with you.  They really have a great selection of t-shirts, sweaters, polos, long sleeve tees, baseball caps, beach tanks, dog hoodies, ties, and more in store!


These silk ties will complete your man’s look for your special night on the town for Valentine’s Day!


All the tees at D &W are definitely dope and a must have for any man’s wardrobe.



I love their baseball caps with the D & W shield and the embroidery of Duke on the lower picture is adorable!  I think I want one too lol!


I love this long sleeved red and white tee and the quote on it “Sincerity- Use no hurtful deceit, think innocently and justly.”  Ah if we all lived by these words…as you can see with D &W…not only are you getting dope clothing, but also positive messages through the brand.



These dog hoodies are just adorable!  The hot pink and red hooded sweatshirts for the doggies are on sale as well!  They are too cute and they come in smaller and larger sizes, depending on the size of your furry friend.

This was just a snippet of what D &W has on sale for Valentine’s Day, for a full listing of items be sure to check out their site or stop by the store!

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Got the Look? : Awards Season Style

It’s Awards season and all the stars on the red carpet are setting trends and style standards.  While it’s Awards season, do you have your look?  Galas, formal events, and Valentine’s Day are just right around the corner.  Check out some of the designers represented by CreativPR below to check out their lines and find out below how to contact them to schedule your personal fitting today.  You can look just as good as the stars in Hollywood with these gorgeous looks from the designers shown below!  (All images are property of CreativPR.)


These haute couture looks in the Yvette collection are simply fabulous with the color palette ranging from deep dark fall colors to pastel.  The embellishments are just right on every look!


The O’Blanc collection is reminiscent of classic looks, A-line, and sheath.  These looks drape perfectly and every body type can find a style to fit them on the red carpet.  I love the use of the classic pan-tone colors and bold hues.  Anybody looking to be classic Hollywood chic can’t go wrong with this collection.


The Lum collection is very reminiscent of old Hollywood, the looks remind me of old films such as Cleopatra, and the looks of actresses Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.  These looks seem as though their inspiration has derived from there and they are full of classic and strong lines and structures.


Drenusha Xharra brings the glam with these sleek metallic looks, soft lace, and a golden yellow glow in the line.  If you’re looking to be chic and modern, this is the way to go.  My fave look is #84, it’s fabulous…you can wear this on the red carpet and mix and match the pieces for a night on the town. You can’t go wrong with #84 or any of these looks!

AdolfoSanchez (Numbered at 1) 900px

Adolfo Sanchez’s collection is mesmerizing.  I love the soft teals, white, the entire palette!  I especially love the way that this collection builds up from modern/ chic to bring the drama with couture on the last picture #22.  The model is especially fierce, rockin’ her golden fro mohawk!  I love it!  The designers concept is clear and striking from onset to finish and this collection speaks volumes.  If you’re looking for anything bold, eye catching, dramatic, couture, or fabulous then you’ve found it all in this collection!


After you’ve chosen one of the looks from above, take the time to style it with one of these fabulous pieces from Chandra Jewelry.  In one of my older posts, Walk the Talk Event, I had the opportunity to meet one of the designers behind Chandra Jewelry and view their beautiful collection of accessories.  Trust me, you cannot go wrong with one of these pieces!  They are fantastic!

If you’re looking for something to wear to a formal or semi-formal event, definitely contact CreativPR, they will not steer you wrong with these talented fashion and jewelry designers on their roster.  For more details on setting up an appointment, click on this link for details.

….As always…thanks for stopping by and drop a line telling me about your favorite look posted above!

DJ Ricochet x Move In Silence


Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with the busy and very popular DJ Ricochet to ask him a few questions.  Besides being the “Untouchable Technician”, one of Philly’s hottest DJ’s, and the official DJ for hip hop artist Chill Moody, he’s building a brand and a campaign that is catching on to his fans and followers.  “Move In Silence”, I noticed the campaign not too long ago and I was somewhat inspired by it before completely understanding what it stood for…but after catching up DJ Ricochet, I admire the brand and I’ve noticed that it’s definitely catching on in the city. 



(Pictured above, DJ Ricochet’s Move in Silence sweatshirt)

Janets Journee: What inspired you to create the “move in silence” campaign?

DJ Ricochet: The Move in Silence campaign was started in late 2012. The premise of the campaign was to achieve major accomplishments in life without having to boast or brag; essentially to move in silence. I wanted to create and invest in a brand that actually meant something to me; I felt like I was always investing in everyone else and this was my way of investing in myself.


JJ: What does it mean to you personally?

DJ: For me personally, it’s somewhat a representation of who I am as a person; outside of d’jing I’m a very reserved. So coming up with the concept of ‘Move in Silence’ was a fairly easy task. But it means everything to me, working hard and remaining humble. Move in Silence that’s what it’s all about.


JJ: How effective has it been for your overall brand?

DJ: It’s actually been pretty good. The public is very receptive of it and I’ve found that a lot of people agree with what it stands for; I guess they like humility. As far as the brand, that’s been working out well too. It’s gotten to the point that soon as someone sees the ‘Move in Silence’ logo they immediately think of DJ Ricochet. And that’s the ultimate goal.


JJ: How does it tie into your brand as a dj?

DJ: Like i said earlier, I’m very reserved outside of d’jing. And what most people don’t know is that with the exceptions of weddings, I have been promoting, financing, preparing (top to bottom) my own shows since 2011. And I’ve had major success in the city; my latest two accomplishments are (Mikeys 8/11-07/13 ) & (Han Dynasty 07/13 – Present). But all in all I don’t look for any glory for the things I do behind the scenes to make things happen, nor do I feel the need to boast about what’s going on. I’m just doing what makes me happy, but I’m also living out what I promote.


JJ: Where do you envision the “move in silence” campaign in the future?

DJ: Good question I just want the brand to continue to be successful and as long as I like it that’s all that really matters to me.


JJ: Will you go further then using t-shirts?

DJ: I currently have t-shirts, tanks, and hoodies. By spring 2014 I will also have hats and pajama pants.

It was definitely great catching up with DJ Ricochet, he’s a man with a plan and making progressive moves in Philly.  I look forward to seeing where his brand and career as a DJ takes him in the future, he has accomplished so much with a humble attitude and he’s definitely going farther.  You can follow DJ Ricochet on Instagram and Twitter@djricochet03 for upcoming news on events and to contact him for bookings.

DJ Ricochet’s upcoming events in Philadelphia, PA:1/19/2014- J Allen presents the R&B Collective Up Close & Personal with Suzanne Christine & Friends at Warm Daddy’s

2/7/2014- Who Do You Love More? w/ Chill Moody x Beano x Hank McCoy, Hard Rock Cafe at 8 pm

2/8/2014- Roses & Rose, Han Dynasty, 10pm until 3am (Ladies free until 11pm)



SEE x Mondo Guerra Project, Runway Allstars Winner

Recently, I had the opportunity to check out the newest eye wear boutique on mainline, SEE eyewear.  They are located in the Suburban Square area in Ardmore, PA, and they also have other locations across the United States.  The boutique is modern, chic, and hip, I loved having the opportunity to view and shoot the frames in the store!  Currently, they have an exclusive collection available that was designed and created by Project Runway All Stars winner Mondo Guerra!  They teamed up with the Project Runway All Stars winner to design this funky collection of frames and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to amFAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research).  Which is an even better reason to shop this hot new collection, because a portion of the proceeds will be donated to support a great cause for research on an epidemic that is impacting our society on a daily basis.  Now that the introduction has been given, check out this hot collection full of bold colors and stylish patterns:


The set up the display and the entire store is clean and very modern!  Makes it easy to shop and view all the frames!


These frames are fabulous and there are sunglasses and limited edition glasses cases available as well!


Love the geometric shapes and Lucite frames.



Loving the funky patterns and styles available in this exclusive collection!



These frames are so innovative, they remind me of the shape of a boom box.


These frames are super chic and fab!




Color blocking….from the clothing to the frames!





A fun illustration pictured above of Project Runway All Star winner and designer of this exclusive collection, Mondo Guerra!

As you can see from the fashionable collection of frames, there is something for every type of personal style and facial structure. The frames in this collection begin at $179 and go up to $379 a pair, you get stylish eye wear for an affordable price! The experts at SEE Eye wear boutique will gear you towards finding the right frame for your needs and style.  They produce all of their own frames, and stay tuned…because I will be revealing the entire collection at their chic eye wear boutique later this week!

Whether you love bold colors, Lucite, prints, patterns, geometric or abstract shapes, there is something for everyone and every style.  Be sure to check out SEE Eye wear located in Suburban Square, Ardmore, PA…and if you’re not in the area, then be sure to check out their site for more locations!  Thanks for stopping by and I’d love to hear your feed back on this amazing collection of eye wear by Mondo Guerra at SEE.

One more thing…don’t forget that some of the proceeds from this collection will go to support amFAR.


Mixed Media is in style this season

You have to be bold and a little daring to execute this look for fall. You cannot be timid or attempting to hide from this style once you throw it on! As a matter of fact….the key to making this look is….CONFIDENCE.


Nooooo I’m talking about midriff bearing tops for those of us (including me), who have skipped going to the gym more than once! Lol. I am talking about mixing prints and patterns this fall—yet again! It the boldest trend this season. The picture above is of the Macy’s store window in center city philly— love them!

The mannequin in the blue and white has on stripes and polka dots with a bold solid color to bring the look together.


This picture above….i love the mixture of the horizontal and vertical stripes together. Again, there is a solid color to bring cohesiveness to the look. However, it would look just as good and bolder without the jacket! I love it!

Have fun with style and shine through your outfit choices! You can’t please everyone, so why not please your creativity???  Have fun with style and embrace your taste!

As always….thanks for stopping by 😉

A Pop of Tangerine…to brighten the day!

Fall is almost officially here, you can feel the weather changing! But, just because it’s fall doesn’t mean that we have to put away the bold and vibrant hues that we love to wear all summer! Fall is about breaking those bold hues and having fun styling them!


Above is just a three quarter length, fitted, and tangerine colored dress. Paired with a cheetah print and gold wooden wedges, a dark brown cheetah print bag, and teal accessories to complete the look!


Teal and gold tint earrings from Macy’s. Large teal and gold tint bracelet from Burlington Coat Factory.


Cheetah print, leather, and suede pocket book by Tignanello from 6pm.


Rarely….more like barely do I ever buy a shoe second hand, but I fell in love with these gold cheetah print wedges from a local thrift shop.

Dress: Old Navy

This fall there’s no need to be boring and stick to the same old dark plaids. Mix those plaids up with some color and other prints! You can’t go wrong by looking good and having fun!

Thanks for stopping by….remember to.mix it up and have fun this fall 😉