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Who Do you Love More? x Get it Now

The album “Who Do You Love More?”, featuring Chill Moody x Beano x Hank McCoy – all three from Philly, dropped on February 4th on Itunes and on Google play.  I must admit…I was highly anticipating this album, especially since hearing “Last Night in Town” on Sound Cloud via Chill Moody’s page.  When I got home on Tuesday I immediately went online to cop the album and it’s what I expected and more!  Chill Moody did his thing, and Beano….ladies if y’all don’t know…he can sang!  Hank McCoy produced the dope beats for the songs on the album.

The collaboration amongst these three is pretty amazing, ever since I downloaded the album yesterday, it’s pretty much been on repeat and each track has it’s own flavor and catchy lyrics.  Like I said, after hearing “Last Night in Town” on sound cloud, they had me and I knew that I had to cop the album.  And there were a few other tracks that caught my attention, starting with “Right Under My Nose”, lol I did not expect what was coming at the end of that song…I had to go back and listen to it again. The ending really caught me off guard but it all makes sense, you have to hear the whole song to understand but the title says it all!  The hook on the song “What’s for Breakfast” is one my faves…like I said that dude named Beano can really sang!

I’m not going to review every single track, however the interlude “Money Coming Down” is dope…I wish it was a little longer, but it runs right into “BSGTBPT”, I have no idea what the title of this song means but the track is hot.  This album “Who Do you Love More?” is filled with songs dealing with various stages and types of relationships, break ups, and more. If you think that you’re missing out because you haven’t heard what’s on this album, then you are.  Visit itunes now to download the album or you can look it up on Google Play for Android phone users. It was #27 on the itunes hip hop chart the day that is dropped and I haven’t heard any complaints, just nice things from everyone who has the album. It’s under $10 and it’s definitely worth the buy…you won’t be disappointed.

One more thing…this Friday, these fellas, Chill Moody x Beano x Hank McCoy, will be performing this album live at the Hard Rock Cafe in Center City, Philadelphia.  This is a red carpet event, so if you’re going…dress for the affair.  They have a limited number of VIP tickets available along with general admission. If you love the album and want to see the live performance, get your tickets to go to the Hard Rock Cafe, for this Friday, February 7th doors open at 8:00 p.m.

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Girls Night Out x Hush Philly


(L to R) Me, Qira, and Charelle.

Recently, I was able to link up with my girls from college and hang out for a day.  We hit up Hush Philly for their day party…at a secret location…you had to rsvp for details.  On Saturday, January 18, 2014, on the eve of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day…Hush Philly hosted their event at Red Sky, located in the Old City section of Center City Philadelphia.  Me and my girls had a good time, ran into some familiar faces and enjoyed the music by DJ Aye Boogie and DJ RTodaizza.  Pictures are worth a thousand words…so for this post…here are the recap pics!


There was definitely a great turnout!  Packed house!


Red Sky was packed all night, the party was from 3-9 pm, and free before 5pm to enter.  I think the party kept going on past 9pm, the place was packed all night!



It was nice to catch up with an old college buddy, Taurean, definitely had a good time.


Last but not least…me in my outfit for the day…

Black and faux leather blazer: Target

Black tank: Old Navy

Tribal print tights: Burlington Coat Factory

Peep toe lace booties: Aldo at DSW

I’m so mad because I had on  a cute robot necklace that I got from Macy’s smh…but I popped it!  lol.

As you can see, me and my girls had a good time at Hush Philly as well as everybody else who was in the building!  We talked, laughed, ate some really good food, danced, and met new people.  It doesn’t get any better—> Next Hush Philly event will be held on Saturday, March 15, 2014…keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned to the website to send in your rsvp for details when it gets closer to the event!

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MLK Day x Community x Building

(from the Seattle Times newspaper- google)

Today was the National Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, a day of community involvement and growth.  While I was a college student, I faithfully participated in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of service while on campus.  However, once I graduated from college I believe that I lost sight about how powerful this day is.  It is a day when people from different backgrounds in the community come together in an effort to improve and empower from within using service and other community building exercises.  Once I graduated from college, I lost sight of that purpose and focus and used this day of service as a day to serve myself and sleep in.

Fast forward a couple of years and I’m now a mom and I want to teach my child the importance and value of community and what the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for.  Lost are those days of complete selfishness laying up in my bed.  However even on this particular day, I did not have the opportunity to take my daughter out to participate in any of the wonderful community service activities that were happening, because I had to work.  To be honest, the bills need to paid and I have an extra mouth to feed.  I felt so bad while I was at work today, because I truly wanted to be out performing some community service.

When I was a college student I was heavily into serving the community. My friends and I would go downtown with Bibles and food to hand out to the homeless, we would volunteer at Chosen 300 homeless ministries, anytime a homeless person asked for food- I would buy it or give them my pre-packaged food- whatever.  I was also a Sunday School and VBS teacher for two years while I worked full time as an elementary level teacher.  I also went to local nursing homes alone and with friends to sing hymns with the elderly, talk with them, and read God’s Word.  All of this…and what happened?

I got caught up in my own self serving ways and failed to continue to recognize the need in the community for volunteers.  In my opinion this is sad and I failed myself and my community, however it isn’t too late to pick up where I’ve left off.  I haven’t made a New Year’s Resolution in years, but if there’s one worth making, it’s to find a location to volunteer at and take my daughter with me to teach her at this tender age how important it is to give back.  I just feel as though I’ve been taking all of these years and haven’t been giving back and it’s time for me to change that, because change begins within.

If there’s anything that I need to remember it is to remember the path that was paved for me by my forefathers and what their insight was into what the future could be for us all.  If anything, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for the community and building, and if he said anything, he didn’t say to disregard other races, but rather to embrace them because we cannot categorize everyone in a single race to the hatred that some carry. As Dr. King stated in his famous “I Have A Dream” speech “We cannot walk alone.” He surely did not want me or anyone of us to carry that hatred or bitterness in our hearts.  Although I did not have the opportunity to participate in today’s beautiful community service events due to work obligations….I won’t let that stop me from serving.  You can hold me to it, I will find a place for baby girl and I to volunteer and support a charitable organization this year!  If you know of any great organizations, please share them with me in the comments section below.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream Speech”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

The Final Four at the Blockley

Here’s a little something for the music lovers in Philly: As 2013 comes to a close, the Blockley will be closing its doors, but they’ll be going out with a bang.  Here are the final four shows with information that will be taking place at the Blockley before they close their doors at the end of this coming weekend.  If you’re in Philly, be sure to stop by.

Thurs. 12/26Hip-Hop Finale feat. Schoolly D, Reef the Lost Cauze, Cee Knowledge (Doodlebug of Digable Planets), Mic Stew, Beano, Voss, and Chase Allen

8 pm Doors, 9 pm Show


$10 adv/$12 D.O.S.

Fri. 12/27Splintered Sunlight (Grateful Dead tribute) w/ Sakima

8 pm Doors, 9 pm Show


$7 adv/$10 D.O.S.


Sat. 12/28Long Miles w/ Spiritual Rez

8 pm Doors, 9 pm Show


$10 adv/$13 D.O.S.


Sun. 12/29A Funky Farewell feat. The Everyone Orchestra

Matt Butler (Conductor)

Al Schnier (moe.)

Mike Greenfield (Lotus)

Shmeeans (Lettuce)

Steve Molitz (Particle)

Chew (North Mississippi All Stars)

Dave Dreiwitz (Ween)

Tom Hamilton (American Babies/Brothers Past)

Clay Parnell (Brothers Past/Biodiesel)

Jennifer Hartswick (Trey Anastasio Band)

John Kimock (Steve Kimock & Friends)

DJ Logic

Late night DJ Battle 1-3 am feat. DJ Logic & Special Guest TBA

Opening Sets by: Direct Support TBA, The Underwater Sounds, CARLSound, The Bailey Hounds

5:30 pm Doors, 6 pm Show

All Ages


Here’s a listing of what will be happening this weekend at the Blockley before they close their doors.  If you’re in Philly or nearby, stop by to check a show out and enjoy some good music.  Some shows have age restrictions and some do not, just be sure to note it along with the show info that you are interested in.

…As always…thanks for stopping by and be sure to check them out….

Fabulous Fashion Event- This Weekend!!!


It’s happening this weekend!  Walk the Talk, hosted by teen fashionista and high fashion blogger of Philadelphia, Tweety Elitou!  Tweety is on of Philadelphia’s top fashion and style bloggers and hosts the blog “Young, Hip, and Chic”, where she has the latest news in fashion on her site.  This event only happens once a year and it is an event to remember with free admission, free food, shopping, and plenty of giveaways for all of the fabulous attendees. 

Fashion insiders from the tristate area, New York, Maryland, and as far as the Virgin Islands make their way to this exclusive event.  It will be held at the most stylish venue in the city, Showroom 77 and hosted by the well known blogger and journalist, Syreeta Martin of the blog “Sincerely Syreeta.” 

The best part about this event for those in the fashion industry is that there will be plenty of giveaways for the attendees this year.  Also, this a great place to network and make business contacts within the industry that otherwise may not happen.  This event is a great opportunity for fashion bloggers, buyers, stylists, journalists, and more to attend to get the inside scoop while networking.  If you’re in the Philadelphia area this saturday, visit this link to rsvp, only guests who rsvp will be admitted into this exclusive event.  I look forward to seeing you all there.


Founder and blogger of “Young, Hip, Chic” and “Walk the Talk”, Tweety Elitou.





Thanks for stopping by…and I hope to see all of you fashion insiders at this event!

‘Tis the Season for giving x AJ KIDZ 4 HUMANITY



AJ KIDZ 4 HUMANITY is a non profit organization that was founded by Teresa Houston.  Teresa founded this organization to be apart of the change that needed to occur in the city of Philadelphia.  This organization is supported by the working moms and children in the community who want to be apart of that change as well.  They host back to school drives where they hand out free supplies to all in the community and more. 

However, during this special time of year, AJ KIDZ 4 HUMANITY is sponsoring families throughout the holidays.  The families that they sponsor are those who have lost a parent through violence.  In the past, AJ KIDZ 4 HUMANITY has sponsored the children of the late Philadelphia model Vanessa Banks, the child of Rasheedah Blount who was murdered by her boyfriend, amongst other families in the city of Philadelphia. 

Most of the sponsorship for these families comes through the low cost vacation properties through “T’Michelle”, which is also owned and operated by Teresa Houston and she uses some of her income as well to support this organization.  AJ KIDZ 4 HUMANITY is doing an amazing job reaching the families in Philadelphia, however they could use your help and support during this special holiday season.  Please click this link to visit their website to contact them on how you can help make this holiday season a little more special in the lives of children who have lost a parent to the unfortunate violence in the streets.

AJ KIDZ 4 HUMANITY is a great organization in the city of Philadelphia that is making its mark in the non profit world while supporting their city.  Supporting this growing organization and the families that they sponsor will make this holiday a special one for everyone involved.

As always…thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out this terrific organization and what they stand for.


The workers of AJ KIDZ 4 HUMANITY hard at work, their founder Teresa Houston, and the recipients of their sponsorship program for Christmas.


Duke &Winston x A Pop Up Shop on the Mainline

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview the creator and brand innovator Seun Olubodun of Duke &Winston (to read the full interview, click this link).  Seun is a designer that is diligent and persistent with his brand, so much so that he now has two locations in the Philadelphia area, and he is hard at work to make his brand nationally recognized.  The best part about Duke &Winston is that Seun uses his bull dog as the logo for the line.  After four years the line has caught on quickly and people all over the Philadelphia area and beyond are supporting the line. 

Duke &Winston now has two locations for customers, one in Northern Liberties at 633 N. 2nd St, and a Pop Up Shop in Bryn Mawr at 907 W. Lancaster Ave.  The Pop Up shop will be in Bryn Mawr until January 7th, and it’s already a hit on the mainline!  Recently, I had the chance to visit the pop up shop in Bryn Mawr and it looks spectacular!  The store is full of clothing for men, bags, ties, leather dog leashes, and more!  The interior decoration has a vintage/ antique feel, which fits right in with the brand.  While I was at the store, I had a chance to capture a few photos, the items from the clothing line will make great gifts for the men in your life, or for you!


Polo shirts, hooded sweatshirts, bumper stickers, and ties on display at the Bryn Mawr Pop Up Shop.


Duke &Winston long sleeve t-shirts at the Bryn Mawr pop up shop.


Duke &Winston ties at the pop up shop, they look amazing, especially the three on the left with the knit texture, and they’re affordable!


Hats, socks, and ties at the pop up shop.


I love this antique piece at the pop up shop, and it’s for sale!  It would look amazing in any bachelor pad!


Genuine leather dog leashes for all the dog lovers!


Tote bags, wallets, phones cases and more for the men made with genuine leather. Only the best!



ImageInstead of candy…dog treats for all the dog lovers!  Love this!  It is so creative!


This is the sales counter in the store, I love the vintage feel and texture of the counter.


If you’re in the Philadelphia area on January 7th or beforehand, sure to stop by the Duke &Winston pop up shop or by the store in Northern Liberties.  Duke &WInston will be expanding their line soon too, so stay tuned for the latest!


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