Style Inspiration: Bold Hues x Vintage Vibes

Hello.  I’m taking it back it a little with this post…a little personal.  I know that lately I’ve been posting a lot about events/ reviews of events/ artists in Philadelphia…but today…I’m posting about me and my personal style.  That’s how this blog started off initially, but I like a little bit of everything and I do not fit into anyone’s category, rather I am creating my own everyday while living this life and pursuing the dreams that I dream of daily.



On this particular day, I was in love with the contrasting color palette that I created for my day at the job.  I’m wearing my favorite royal blue cardigan from Old Navy, paired with a three quarter length white shirt, thrifted/ vintage oversized beaded necklace, black tuxedo pants, and riding boots from Macy’s.  I absolutely loved this look and felt as though it complemented my skin tone and curvy-licious shape!  Ow!


(Sorry for the blurry shots, it was hard to focus the camera with a draining battery pack- it was my fault lol)

To tell the truth, I love to wear layered looks…it gives me the versatility to remove layers when I become warm or to put them on as I cool off during the day.


No outfit is complete without a smile.  If you’re not happy or confident in your skin, then that feeling will show.  Your outfit only exudes the confidence and boldness that you carry on the inside daily.  Any insecurities will show, unless you know how to fake confidence.  Life is filled with uncertain circumstances and heart ache, but I choose to smile and be happy through it all.  What keeps me afloat is God and staying focused.  When I’m not blogging, just know that I am staying busy and handling business.  It’s important to stay focused no matter what.  Feelings change and so do opinions, but facts remain the same, so stay true and handle your business daily.

As always…thanks for stopping by and I hope this post inspires you to create bold and beautiful outfits from your inner confidence to your outer clothing layers.  Outfit deets are posted below.


Cardigan and Tuxedo pants: Old Navy

Riding Boots: Macy’s


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