Hip Hop Finale at the Blockley x Chase Allen

 “The Blockley”, located in Philly, officially closed its doors on December 31, 2013.  Before they said good bye to the music and crowds that they once attracted, they scheduled a line up of shows that represented the different genres of music that once graced their performance stage.  There was something for everyone to enjoy!  Those final days were bitter sweet for some, but everyone had the opportunity to show up one last time and say good bye while enjoying live performances.

So I decided to go to the hip hop finale which took place on Thursday, December 26, 2013, at 9 p.m.  It took awhile but the crowd grew as time went by, I guess the music lovers were taking awhile to come out after all the fun and busyness associated with the holidays and spending time with family.  But for me it was back to work/ business as usual the day after Christmas so my time was cut short.  Initially, the number of people that came out could have been discouraging to some, but as time went on the crowd grew larger and supportive throughout the performances that night.

Philly Hip Hop artist Chase Allen was the first to take the stage with DJ Aye Boogie.




Before Chase Allen got on the stage his “Leader of the New School” intro gained the crowds undivided attention for when he took the mic.  The audience enjoyed the music and found themselves in tune to the songs that Chase performed from his new mix tape “D.A.R.K.”  As the night went on, the crowd grew larger and the other artists followed the lead of Chase to take the stage…but the show started a lot later than I had anticipated and I had to skip out and miss the rest of the show.  I was looking forward to it as this was the final performance here at the Blockley…but Chase Allen never disappoints so it’s cool…but I’ll plan better for next time.

As always…thanks for stopping by.



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