Was It All Worth It?


At the end of the day, we are the only ones that can answer this question…was it all worth it?  The hard work, the blood, the sweat, the tears, the failed attempts, the delays, the transactions that never came through and so much more.  When we first make an attempt at a situation, we step out on faith whatever the plan is.  When we attend college, graduate, get a job, have children, marry, remain single, divorce, separate, start a business, quit a job, choose another career path…we step out on faith when we create these goals and make an attempt to reach them.  We never know the outcome until we have decided that we have come to the end.

Most often the decision is ours on whether or not this is the end.  If financial aid closes its doors to you, you will drop out of school?  Or find another way to finish?  If your job fires you, will you give up or find another one?  If one career path no longer suits you, will you remain miserable or search for another path to take?  If a companion or spouse treats you wrong, will you stay after trying to work it out after multiple failed attempts, or realize your worth and leave?  The choices that we make rely on our belief system and whether or not we believe that the outcome will work out for us.  Too often we make the “the safe choice”, because we need a safety net or back up.

People stay in failing relationships because they heavily fear the thought of being alone.  People stay in dead end jobs because they need the money and fear the the thought of pursuing their dreams.  Some of us quit too easily because we fear that we cannot make it and would rather end the journey now before having to face failure.  At one point and time, I have been all of these….and the question that I ask myself is “was it all worth it?”  My response is “yes.”

Yes, it was worth it…the failures and successes in life that I have faced have all been worth it…God knew what He was doing with me all along and every experience has shaped my present and even my future moves.  I won’t stop here, I will continue to move forward and press everyday, because when in the end when someone asks me “was it all worth it?”  I will know what God has blessed me with because I trusted Him and let go of fear and will answer “yes, it was all worth while.”

From this day forward…I will no longer allow myself to operate in fear.  For too long I have been comfortable operating in other people’s shadows and even as I type these words…I am shaking because this is honestly from within me and I thank God for the change.  I don’t need it to be New Year’s to make a resolution because the decision has already been made and I will no longer delay.  Instead of fearing failure, I will welcome it if it comes, because it will only set me up for success if I learn from the mistakes I’ve made.  I’ve made enough mistakes to know that failure can strengthen you or break you down….I’ve chosen strength over breaking down and will continue to do so.

The choice is yours and I’ve made my decision….

As always…thanks for stopping by….


Yes…it was all worth it!


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