Handle your Biz


A sample of my business card…it’s just about complete and I hope it prints alright…but I need this badly!!!

I created it in Adobe Illustrator, I first began by taking a picture of myself and sketching it by hand…it was a nice sketch but not the final template for my business card.  I loaded the sketch into illustrator, but I wasn’t satisfied keeping the sketch for my card…so I took sometime and used the tools in Illustrator over the course of a few hours to trace and construct my business card.  It is done…finally!  But this may not be it…I may play with other styles and designs as I become inspired.

I chose to use my eyes at the foreground for the card, because the eyes have a story to tell and everyday that I blog, I am sharing my story with you all.  If you look into anyone’s eyes, they don’t have to part their lips to speak because their eyes are telling all.  The eyes are the window to the soul and on this “journee” I’ve opened the window with some limits and boundaries.  I was deciding on whether to use shoes or eyes as the foreground and I believe the eyes are a perfect fit.

Although I began as a fashion writer, I also love to share everyday stories, art, music, and so much more with you all across this platform…there’s no box available for me to fit in…I just don’t belong in one.  But this is my card and I’d love to read your thoughts on it…I look forward to your comments.

…As always…thanks for stopping by…. 


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