Change YOUR Story


Inspired by life itself…every body has a story to tell and you are the author of “your story.”  No one else can tell what you’ve been through like you can, others may try and begin to spread lies, but the truth eventually surfaces.  Others may try to assume and figure out what you’ve been through, but no one knows the story or has the answers quite like you.  This was random, but definitely inspirational to me. 

I used deep blue for the lips because I like using bold colors when I create any random art work…and I again I used bubble letters lol to write the phrase “my story” across the lips with a contrasting orange hue to play as the shadow in this sketch.  The story that you have to tell isn’t quite the same from everyone else’s lips.  Everyone has a story and a mouth that God gave them so they can share their story of what they have been through, overcome, and been blessed to walk into. 

You never know who is waiting to hear “your story”, so use your story to bless the lives of others and encourage them to greatness.  We have all faced obstacles in life and have triumphed to greater heights as a result of them.  Don’t be weary or lose hope, there is space for your story as well and all the blessings that will precede it in the end once you have triumphed victoriously over every circumstance that you have faced in this lifetime. 

There’s no time to give up, but there is time to hope and press forward into the greatness that you have been called to endeavor into.  Today is still here and tomorrow is still on its way, so take some time today to plan and excel into the great plan that God predestined for you to execute.  There’s no time like the present and the past is gone, but the future is around the corner, so take advantage today to make “your story” a great one, one of the best of all times.  Turn “your story” into a legacy today by trying again after every failed attempt and pressing forward into the success that you see for your future!

…As always…thanks for stopping by….



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