A Closer Look…into…


This sketch that I did recently seems busy and different, but at the same time it captivates my attention and I love it!  Built inside the eye is the phrase “Window to my Soul”, and I do believe that the eyes are the window to the soul.  By looking into a person’s eyes you can get a glimpse into their lives and what they are all about.  By looking into someone’s eyes you can see their happiness, pain, ambition, support, care, and more.  You can tell the difference between someone struggling with a serious issue by looking into their eyes.  The eyes have a story to tell, no matter how tough or shielded we try to be the truth comes out through our eyes.

This is my belief through experience.  When I went through my ordeal, I did not have to say much but it was apparent that I was going through a lot.  Occasionally, I would have someone approach me and ask me if I was “okay”, and with my tough exterior I tend to hold my emotions in until I get a safe place to release them.  The public atmosphere is not that place.  In private, I would vent to those closest to me, cry, or even create art as a means of escape from the pain that I was facing.  With time and much love…I’ve moved on.

The eyes say a lot and they have a story to tell, you can tell a lot by a person that refuses to look into your eyes.  If you’re in conversation with someone who cannot look you in your eyes, then be careful….they’re hiding something and at times I wish I would’ve taken heed to this concept, but instead I thank God for I went through…I learned a lot.  Also, this drawing kind of reminds me of the Philadelphia Eagles because of the green and brown color combination lol.

I really had fun doing this sketch and playing with shapes and typography by hand, it was fun.  I haven’t done bubble letters in a looong time!

As always…thanks for stopping by and please leave your thoughts down below….


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