The roads we take


I was riding home on the train one day and I was inspired by the train tracks that laid before me, with the twists and turns and winding. As I looked on toward the tracks, I began thinking about life and where it takes us and where the road we choose leads us.  That’s what inspired me to create this random sketch one night. 

I started off by drawing a shoe…I love shoes….something different…


And then I extended it by drawing the street and train tracks…I started off with just pencil but I wasn’t satisfied! 

Basically, when it comes to life we choose which road we are going to take.  We choose whether or not to be satisfied where we are or to push for more.  We choose whether or not live the reality that has been placed before us or to live in pursuit of our dreams.  The choice lies within every individual and today we have the freedom to choose which route we will take.  How our day begins and ends is depends on our actions, motivations, and decisions.  It really doesn’t depend on everyone else around us and what is going on…we choose whether or not to remain optimistic about the future, we choose whether or not to hold hatred up higher than everything else, we choose whether or not be ordinary or extraordinary.

Many times…the choice lies within us. Circumstances and obstacles are not there to bring us down, they are just the hindrances and road blocks that make us stronger once we overcome them.  Our entire life was not planned ahead of time to just be ordinary, but rather to be extraordinary.  This drawing symbolizes to me the path that I am choosing now.  I choose to live to be free and happy, free from strife, complaining, and doubt.  This drawing is a fantasy and I choose to live out my dreams and fantasies to be a role model to my child so that she can feel encouraged to do the same in her life. 

If I fail, then I shall try again…hey…who knows where the path will lead…until I try?

As always…thanks for stopping by…



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