Mixed Media Shoe Frenzy!


Pictured above is a random piece of art that I was inspired to create recently.  I was thinking about the “Walk the Talk” event by Young, Hip, Chic, and the event just had me thinking of shoes!  I wanted to do something different with my art…acrylic paint and colored pencils are fine, but I am ready to begin exploring beyond that again.  What is shown above is what I came up with…a mixed media shoe portrait!

I began by sketching out the shoe, then I used seed beads to create the shine and texture of the main shoe, the focal point of the portrait.  Next, I found denim that I wanted to use to create the jean look on the leg above the shoe and patterned it out to fit in the picture.  I filled in the other shoe and leg with colored pencils and used colored pencil shavings to create a “dusty” look around the portrait.  I wanted to try something different and I did…I like it…and I cannot wait to explore more forms of art using different art mediums.


A close up of the navy blue and gold tone seed beads that I used to create the look of the shoe.


The denim used to create the look from the foreground.


The colored pencil shavings…trying something different.

Hope you enjoyed my 2-D Art!  Please leave your thoughts below…and thanks for stopping by 😉


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