‘Tis the Season for giving x AJ KIDZ 4 HUMANITY



AJ KIDZ 4 HUMANITY is a non profit organization that was founded by Teresa Houston.  Teresa founded this organization to be apart of the change that needed to occur in the city of Philadelphia.  This organization is supported by the working moms and children in the community who want to be apart of that change as well.  They host back to school drives where they hand out free supplies to all in the community and more. 

However, during this special time of year, AJ KIDZ 4 HUMANITY is sponsoring families throughout the holidays.  The families that they sponsor are those who have lost a parent through violence.  In the past, AJ KIDZ 4 HUMANITY has sponsored the children of the late Philadelphia model Vanessa Banks, the child of Rasheedah Blount who was murdered by her boyfriend, amongst other families in the city of Philadelphia. 

Most of the sponsorship for these families comes through the low cost vacation properties through “T’Michelle”, which is also owned and operated by Teresa Houston and she uses some of her income as well to support this organization.  AJ KIDZ 4 HUMANITY is doing an amazing job reaching the families in Philadelphia, however they could use your help and support during this special holiday season.  Please click this link to visit their website to contact them on how you can help make this holiday season a little more special in the lives of children who have lost a parent to the unfortunate violence in the streets.

AJ KIDZ 4 HUMANITY is a great organization in the city of Philadelphia that is making its mark in the non profit world while supporting their city.  Supporting this growing organization and the families that they sponsor will make this holiday a special one for everyone involved.

As always…thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out this terrific organization and what they stand for.


The workers of AJ KIDZ 4 HUMANITY hard at work, their founder Teresa Houston, and the recipients of their sponsorship program for Christmas.



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