Prints x Pumps x Present

So…I went to the thrift store one day and came across a dress.  I loved it on the rack so much that I grabbed it and got it without trying it on.  Well, when I got home later on that evening and had a chance to try it on…I couldn’t stand the dress!  Lol, I didn’t know what to do with it, all I could think is this was an “epic fail.” 


So this is the dress and like I said, I loved the pattern and style on the hanger, but NOT on me…so I had some time to sleep on it and I thought  about cutting the dress to make it a mini dress (as you can tell it’s cut in the above pic, didn’t think to take a before pic lol).  I’ll show you the finished product in a second…I love the detail in this dress from the print to the buttons to the belt…



I love the detail, but needless to say when I cut the dress, I cut it too short lol…so short that my backside was hanging out and I am not going out of the house like that, I am too blessed in the back!  So I quickly figured out a way that I could possibly style this look…I am not sure how I’ll wear it when I finally do put it on…but here’s my idea.


I am thinking that I’ll pair the look up with black leggings, a black medallion necklace, and vintage Coach bag.  As far as the shoes…I cannot decide…


What do you think?


I love these booties with the peek a boo cut out….but….


But I also love these gold studded pumps.  Well when I do wear the outfit, I’ll choose then.


Close up of the vintage Coach bag.


And maybe I’ll roll up the sleeves when I wear this look…

As always…thanks for stopping by….and let me know what you think.





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