Goal Setting….and sticking to it!

It’s not New Year’s and I’m not going through any major life transitions….right now lol.  But I am about setting goals and sticking to them, I may not be able to follow through with everything, but from this point on I am!  I must admit the crowd of young entrepreneurs and artists in the city of Philadelphia truly inspire me.  They inspire me so much so that they encourage me to set goals and give me hope of achieving my dreams.  From social media posts and attending their events, I have seen how so many have grown in just a year…and others I’m just meeting, but they are just as inspiring.  Their stories of how they didn’t give up and they pressed on, help me to find the strength within myself to do the same.  I know that I am equipped, it is just about me possessing and pushing forward. 

I do have a few things that prevent me from going full time into any dream right now, I do work full time to support myself and my child, but there are many others who had to do the same and now they are thriving.  Thinking about myself and what I love…and what I wouldn’t mind supporting….the arts.  I love the arts, it’s not just fine art, graphic design, music, dance, poetry, spoken word, fashion, or style…rather, it is all of these things combined in one.  I am truly passionate about the arts, it runs in my blood…for eleven years I was in dance school, I sang with choirs from elementary school to college, I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil, painting is a release for me, and I was a graphic design/ studio arts major in college.  Writing is something that has been in me for the longest and I didn’t tap into it until I had my baby girl.  I used to get English merit awards and was nominated for the National English Merit Award by my eleventh grade English teacher.  I may have been lazy at times…but I do have talent.

That’s the problem with me and probably others too…you have talent but you lack the drive…that was me for the longest and now, that part of me is changing.  I am thankful to have a job, but I cannot see myself working for others as my end…unless I am doing something that I am truly passionate about.  I’ve changed…what I used to be able to tolerate or do well…I still can…it’s just that I am worn out from it.  So today, with all of you wonderful readers as my witness…I am going to switch up my “journee” a bit.  For the longest, you faithful followers have heard bits and pieces of my story of how I got here, my job, my baby girl, fashion, my style, and events in the city of Philadelphia.  Well today, I add one more to that list…a new blog that high lights the wonderful city that I am so happy to be apart of…Philadelphia (and surrounding areas).  When you get a chance…come visit me at http://creativcityphilly.blogspot.com/

As always…thanks for stopping by and I will have lots more to share as I continue on this “journee!”


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