Duke &Winston x A Pop Up Shop on the Mainline

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview the creator and brand innovator Seun Olubodun of Duke &Winston (to read the full interview, click this link).  Seun is a designer that is diligent and persistent with his brand, so much so that he now has two locations in the Philadelphia area, and he is hard at work to make his brand nationally recognized.  The best part about Duke &Winston is that Seun uses his bull dog as the logo for the line.  After four years the line has caught on quickly and people all over the Philadelphia area and beyond are supporting the line. 

Duke &Winston now has two locations for customers, one in Northern Liberties at 633 N. 2nd St, and a Pop Up Shop in Bryn Mawr at 907 W. Lancaster Ave.  The Pop Up shop will be in Bryn Mawr until January 7th, and it’s already a hit on the mainline!  Recently, I had the chance to visit the pop up shop in Bryn Mawr and it looks spectacular!  The store is full of clothing for men, bags, ties, leather dog leashes, and more!  The interior decoration has a vintage/ antique feel, which fits right in with the brand.  While I was at the store, I had a chance to capture a few photos, the items from the clothing line will make great gifts for the men in your life, or for you!


Polo shirts, hooded sweatshirts, bumper stickers, and ties on display at the Bryn Mawr Pop Up Shop.


Duke &Winston long sleeve t-shirts at the Bryn Mawr pop up shop.


Duke &Winston ties at the pop up shop, they look amazing, especially the three on the left with the knit texture, and they’re affordable!


Hats, socks, and ties at the pop up shop.


I love this antique piece at the pop up shop, and it’s for sale!  It would look amazing in any bachelor pad!


Genuine leather dog leashes for all the dog lovers!


Tote bags, wallets, phones cases and more for the men made with genuine leather. Only the best!



ImageInstead of candy…dog treats for all the dog lovers!  Love this!  It is so creative!


This is the sales counter in the store, I love the vintage feel and texture of the counter.


If you’re in the Philadelphia area on January 7th or beforehand, sure to stop by the Duke &Winston pop up shop or by the store in Northern Liberties.  Duke &WInston will be expanding their line soon too, so stay tuned for the latest!


As always…thanks for stopping by…


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