Overjoyed x Shades x Found my Marbles


I might be the only person taking a selfie in the bathroom mirror with shades, ruby woo lip stick, a hot pink shirt, and a blue knit hat on…but hey it was Thanksgiving!  I was so thankful that my mom found my shades in her car that I had to take a quick snap shot!  We were reunited and it felt soooo good!!!  Lol!  I love these Jessica Simpson shades, they are the best, the roundness fits the contour of my face perfectly and when I need it, they cover what needs to be covered! 

Hey, have you ever lost something and it was almost the end of your world???  Well, for me this was one of those moments, I have been through a million pairs of shades and through them all, I’ve only liked two pairs.  A pair of Steve Madden’s that I had back in college, and these Jessica Simpson frames.  I know that I look wild, but I was so excited that I wanted to share this joy with you all!  Shopping and finding the right pair of sunglasses for your face can be difficult.  For the longest time, I was looking for the wrong shape, the square/ boxy style, which did absolutely positively nothing for the the curves of my face.  Every pair of rounded frames that I tried on just did not work well with me….but these!  These glasses make me happy 🙂

When you find something you really love, hold onto it and take good care of it…you’ll never know when you can find something of good quality again…if ever.

As always…thanks for stopping by….


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