Styled to Rock!

On tonight’s episode of “Styled to Rock”, airing on the Bravo network, the contestants/ designers were challenged to create a cohesive, edgy, and stylish look for Mim and Liv, female DJ’s of the group “Nervo.”  The challenge consisted of the designers creating a look that was street, couture, and that used LED lights to light up the stage while being functional for the DJ’s while they perform.  Mel, is the advisor to the deisgners on the show and he is Rihanna’s stylist.  Mel advised the contestants much like Tim Gunn does on the long lived show “Project Runway”, which originally aired on Bravo, but is now apart of the Lifetime network.  In my opinion, the show follows the same format as Project Runway.

Basically, stylist and host of the show Mel, would pull the looks that he liked for the group Nervo before the runway show.  Any looks that were not pulled…those designers were up for elimination.



( From l to r Erin Wasson- super model and designer, Mel- Rihanna’s stylist, Kid Cuddi- Songwriter/ producer, Liv and Mim of Nervo, were the judges of the competition)


(Liv and Mim of Nervo)


First look for the female DJ’s of Nervo, by designers Ahni and Dexter.


The second look pulled, was by designers Andre and Autumn (could this be Autumnlin, couture designer from Philly???), this look was appreciated for the lines in the garment and the ‘side boobage’ lol.


The third look was by designers Sergio and Laura, check out the light up bra on the right lol, caught the attention of everyone and they loved the display!


The winners of this challenge were Autumn and Adam, as they share a hug over the excitement of winning!!!  They did a wonderful job!


Here is a closer look of the winning pick by designers Adam and Autumn!!!  They worked so well together and their design was executed beautifully with their use of lines, structure, fluidity, and sex appeal.  Liv and Mim of Nervo loved this look and they picked this to perform in!


Here is the look from designers Andre and Cecelia, that didn’t even make the pull by stylist Mel.  Both looks had something good going on, however they both looked unfinished and a bit sloppy.  Nervo did not even see this look unfortunately.  There is no cohesiveness at all in the looks.  Both designers were cut from the competition.  I wish them well in their fashion endeavors.

As for next time….just make sure you’re styled to rock!!!


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