Stress x Emotions x I choose to GROW

Eeeekkkk!!!!  Today was not the easiest of days, but I made it!  I guess that’s the best part of the day.  But sheesh!!!  There are some days that I am just appalled, truly appalled by people and their lack of character.  It is truly amazing and sadly deceitful.  Five years ago, I would not have tolerated this at all.  However, I have responsibilities that I take on full time that I must consider before making an irrational decision.  When I made decisions in my early 20’s, it was to benefit me.  However, at this time in my life, I do have to take into careful consideration that I have a beautiful toddler to care for.  Sadly, there is rarely any help or relationship with her father.  That….I still do not understand…but I no longer question what happens.  So much has happened, why should I be surprised anymore?

Any how…I am just venting…but the moral of the story is…I’m learning.  Learning how to cope with the sweet and sour of life.  Life happens and God is in control, all I can do is trust him.  In the mean time, I am more than sure that opportunity will present itself for me to grow and move on into greater positions that I know that God has for me.  I know that many of you may be going through some tough situations, and I encourage you as well to push past the emotions and into the mindset of this being an experience in which you can grow and conquer.


As always…thanks for stopping by….


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