Mommy in a (Little) Blue Dress….


Heyyyy!!!  Just a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Philly Wine Mixer held in Philadelphia, PA, at the African American Museum of Art.  It truly is a wonderful showcase of music, art, and fashion.  Not only did guests have the opportunity to view the art on exhibit inside the museum, we had the chance to drink as much wine as we wanted, listen to real hip hop from artists such as Chase Allen and B.A.M., view products from local Philadelphia vendors such as Sch-Rel Desire Brand, Abstract Thought, and more.  There was also a fashion presentation by Tay Modisch, Shavonne Deann, Dhanistry, and a style presentation by Tash Banks.  The evening was full of successful Philadelphia based entrepreneurs, style, fashion, and art.

As you can see from the image above, I had a great night!  Being a full time mommy and employee….I need a break every once in awhile and this was my moment!  I took the time to “Live in the Moment!!!”  In my little blue dress.  After pregnancy and giving birth, my body hasn’t been the same.  It took long enough for my body to bounce back….or at least close to it.  I did feel a little self conscious in the dress, but I pulled it off—or at least I think I did!  At the end of the night….the fun wasn’t over….for part two…I wore the same dress, just styled differently…


I love this look too, the part two look!  Same dress, but casually paired with riding boots, tights, denim jacket and a clutch.  We stopped by a local bar to sip on apple cider margaritas, eat hot wings and french fries, and partake in karaoke with the locals.  It was an interesting night full of fun and weird facts.  Here’s my evening to late night quick change, while having a ball and living in the moment!!!


Dress: Old Navy

Heels: Calvin Klein

Necklace: Thrifted

Jacket: Ross

Tights and earrings: Forever 21

Boots: Macy’s

Clutch: It was a gift 🙂

Makeup: MAC


P.S….it was a rainy/ misty night…so my curls were gone with the rain!  I had to twist my hair up so I wouldn’t look crazy!

As always…thanks for stopping by…


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