From Overload to Overcome


There used to be a time when I would look at you with my eyes filled with light a glow.  No one in the world couldn’t tell me that you really weren’t the man I know.  Two sides…two sides to every story and everyone has a past.  But a past filled with skeletons and deceit, for the time I spent with you, I wish I had a receipt.   A receipt to calculate the time and money spent into building a lifetime, a lifetime to only last a short time.  A short time lived with you was our time.  And still…you planned to rid me without a care.  I was in the way, of a place to me so far away.  But that so far away, was very close to home…closer than I knew.  I didn’t know how low of a thing you would do, and not to care who went down with you.  But this I say to you…time is lost and there is love lost.  But the love lost was a fabrication of an unreal situation.  Or rather, I wish it was unreal. 


With the truth exposed and lies to unfold were hard to deal.  I’ve lost many tears and time trying to figure this out in my mind.  But after six months, I’ve come to this conclusion.  Everything happens for a reason and some good times are only for a season.  Our season ended, see what you and your unsuperhero sidekick meant for my harm, God only turned it around for my good.  For so long I wanted to curse the ground you walked on and those who raised you, for being lower than a man.  But…I find that a waste of time and useless initiative to spend my energy.  This energy that I have is daily God given and I refuse to reuse and waste it on you.  The truth and stories untold, themselves have unfolded.  I do not blame anyone, instead, I thank them.  Because this entire experience has set me on the right track, because baby I’m back. 


If I thought I was I was on a sabatacle before, then now I’ve been reborn.  Redone and better than what you knew.  So to you I say, do what you do…because me and my babygirl boo are fine.  With Jesus on our side and the loves of the lives of loved ones around, we are kept in line.  Their strength has strengthened me beyond what you can compare.  If you thought the hulk was dangerous, then you don’t want to see what kind of green I turn, I’m lean and I don’t mean thin.  Because with all the drama and the places I’ve been, I’ve learned to cut what shouldn’t make the cut and wisdom gained is wisdom sustained.  So that bench…it’s an empty bench and that’s cool because I’m single and ready to network and mingle…for my future goals that is.


As always…thanks for stopping by…


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