My Thrift Finds x Coach x Joan Rivers

Today I decided to randomly stop by a local thrift shop to see what they had in store.  I did not intend to buy anything…I just wanted to see what was in store….well….I came across some goodies and I couldn’t help it!  You’ll be surprised to find out how much I actually spent!

ImageI am in love with this heavy gold plated black stone medallion necklace by Joan Rivers!  Although it’s fashion jewelry, it has a nice heavy weight to it and I only spent $2 on it.  I cannot wait to style this beauty with an outfit!


Here’s a close up of this quality thrifted piece from the Joan Rivers collection.



This vintage Coach bag caught my eye immediately and I remember the style of the classic Coach bags!  My mother and grandmother always had one on their shoulder.  The classic lock, straps, genuine leather, and quality immediately stood out when I came across this bag.  The best part was….it was $3 🙂  I went to the right thrift store for this find!!!!

ImageTo prove authenticity…the proof is on the inside of the bag!  Besides this classic look was out before the tacky behind boot legging became so popular smh.


I love my finds and cannot wait to style them all for $5!!!!  You never know what you can find, so be open to the possibilities!!!!


As always…thanks for stopping by 🙂


3 thoughts on “My Thrift Finds x Coach x Joan Rivers”

    1. Thanks! To be honest, out here they over price used name brand goods as well, it was just that I happened to come into the store before it was priced and the older woman did not care that her coworker thought it was Coach lol. Its a small neighborhood thrift.

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