8 Looks of Grace Kelly on Macy’s Runway

This past Saturday, November 16, 2013, at 8:30 a.m., the Macy’s located in Center City Philadelphia hosted their amazing annual “Trend Show!”  I love this event, I’ve been attending with my mom for years and this year, I had the opportunity to attend this event with my daughter 😉 

The event began with a full spread and delicious continental breakfast and there were plenty of giveaways throughout the event.  After each model graced the runway, a Macy’s beauty expert explained the look and how we can achieve it with products that promote beauty and healthy skin.  Here are some of the looks that graced the runway this year!


“Casual Convertible” look with pants from Charter Club and flats from Coach.  To achieve the hair style, stylists used two neck scarves tied around the models head.  Clarin’s Beauty Serum was used on the models skin to achieve the glow, and it was named “Best in Black Beauty” by Essence Magazine.



The second look entitled “Ladies to Lunch” look was achieved with products sold at Macy’s such as the Elie Tahari suit paired with a Calvin Klein blouse, satchel from Coach, and Isaac Mizrahi flats.  The make up from the new Michael Kors beauty collection was used to achieve the beauty in this look!



This gorgeous Grace Kelly look consisted of a sweater from Charter Club, a Macy’s Fall Essential ‘Fit n Flare’ dress, shoes by Cole Haan, Coach bag, and the best part is that they used this beautiful necklace as a headband!  Stunning!



This fourth look is entitled “Old Hollywood”, is complete with a sheath dress by Ralph Lauren, a leopard faux fur, and a chic python print shoe by Ivanka Trump.



This fifth look inspired by hollywood style icon Grace Kelly is fabulous!!!!  If I worked in an office all day…I’d wear it…I would definitely feel sexy in the city with this look!  Being sexy isn’t about showing skin, it’s about being confident in who you are!  This look consists of a dress and jacket by Anne Klein, shoes by Isaac Mizrahi, a hat from the Macy’s fur vault, and a coach bag 🙂



This shade of emerald green is perfect for holiday parties with a jacket and skirt by Elie Tahari.


ImageI love this look as well!  “The darling” look….I’d love to wear this out to a special event or the right restaurant!  Hey!  To achieve this look, you need to get the ‘black peking dress’, pearls, fur, Anne Klein clutch, and Ivanka Trump pumps!



The final look of the runway presentation during Macy’s Trend show “Princess of Monaco”, it embodies all of the glam and beauty of hollywood past and present.  Guests in the audience were sure to ask “who made that dress?”, so that they could find it in the store and purchase it!This stunning and timeless dress is by Prizaro Knight complete with a fur shawl…just gorgeous and stunning!


For every woman, young and old….street or classy…there was a look to appeal to the senses.



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