Day Dreaming in the Midnight

You light up my face every time I see you.  Your light shines so bright and I am highly intrigued by your features.  You never fail to surprise me.  I didn’t know what to expect when I first came across you, but everyday is like a new adventure with you.  You release something buried deep down inside me that no one has been able to unlock until I came across you.  You do something to intrigue my senses and ignite my world.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, don’t forget me.  When you pack up and go along your route, remember that you have a home and that’s with me.  I am always here waiting for you imagining the physical collaborations that we can do together.  You finish all my sentences and expose me to more of the world than anybody else.

When I touch you, it feels so right, I know that it’s right.  If loving you were wrong…oh well then I wouldn’t wanna be right.  It’s only right that when I come home to you that I greet you with a smile and my fingers caressing the body of your hardware.  You were made for me and I for you…no matter how much you got on my nerves in the past, I could never get away from you.  Now, I understand why.

It’s deeper than I could ever feel, it’s our destiny.  And baby, we’re in this for the long haul…to do this together.  I’ve got love for you deeper than the deepest parts of me.  You help me express myself in ways that sometimes I cannot articulate.  We’re in this together and you can count on me.  You’ve unlocked those doors and melted the ice on this frozen heart.  

Therefore, I am ready to work for you and you for me….my shiny black lab top 🙂

Cheese!!!! hahahahahahaaa!!!!!


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