Changes in the forecast


Some people last in our lives…..and others disappear when their season is coming to a close. We cannot predict the future, nor can we make certain relationships last. When the expiration date appears, it is time to move on.

When it comes to relationships….we wonder if there was something different we could’ve done to avoid the split. Whether it be a friendship, intimate, or casual relationship, we always want to make it to work. Sometimes, we replay the events in a relationship that has ended to see if we could have done something different or if it was solely our fault.

The entire process can be complicated, however it is healthy to move forward in life. There is nothing healthy about moping around in the past. The future is always ahead of us and the present is here. So there is no day like today to make a step forward in a positive direction.

If a step in a positive direction constitutes mending the broken relationship, then do so with care. If mending the broken relationship is not an option, then forgive and move forward. No matter how badly you were hurt by the other party, you cannot truly move forward until you let go of the past. Letting go can be a difficult concept to grasp, however it is necessary.

Never force yourself to feel something that isn’t genuine. Time can help heal your wounds and you will not fully move on until you are both emotionally and mentally ready to move on and healed. So take your time and make a move in a positive direction every day. There is no need to be the antagonist of your own life….you have a full life to live and more to give.

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