Peace: A delicacy that we long for


I am sitting in a quiet room and this caught my eye…a group of tomatoes sitting on the window sill. It may seem strange, but let me explain….my interpretation of this picture is peace. Now you really might think I’ve lost it! Lol. But hear me out first….

In the midst of our daily lives and the chaos that consumes it….we all just need a moment breathe. A moment to be still, to reflect upon and appreciate all that we have— even the crazy moments!

Looking at this group of tomatoes, they are still, sun bathing, and exude a level of peace to me. When you think of peaceful moments, you think of mornings on the beach, a day of pampering, a massage, a nap, and even just a time to rest and be by yourself. And “me” time is sooooo precious to those of us who are parents—I know it! Lol.

Every time that I have a chance to connect with nature and listen to the birds sing….it is so peaceful. I have a moment to reflect on what I do have, versus what I have not yet obtained. Hear me out with my peaceful portrait of tomatoes….and hear peace out by just taking a moment to silence everything else around you and to reflect upon your blessings.

As always….thanks for stopping by 😉


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