Romance is NOT dead


In a world where one night stands and three somes are ideal, I do believe that romance still exists. I still believe in a man opening the door for a woman and catering to her every need as she takes care of her man as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that women cannot do this, I am simply stating that it is a sweet and endearing gesture for a gentlemen to perform these acts for his lady.

Don’t think I am super old fashioned in this mindset, because I still believe in a woman being educated and independently financial. Not to put a man down, but because we can and we are more than capable to hold down our own forts.

However, all I am saying is that I still believe in romance and romantic gestures such as flowers, spontaneous outings, and sharing desert. These actions add more meaning to life than just the typical one night stand, or “damn!” after walking by a dude, or a woman viewing a man as a one night object.

These are just my thoughts and ramblings and I am not saying that one side is right or wrong. I just believe in romance and I like to be spoiled!!!! And I would do the same as well. To me….romance adds more meaning and anticipation to a relationship.


As always….thanks for stopping by 😉


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