Fear of Landing….


Unlike this runway look from “Birds” by Catalin Botazeau from NY Couture Fashion week fall ’13….some of us have a fear of landing.

When various circumstances and situations arise in our lives, we react out of survival. Whatever event happens that calls for a change, we fly high seeking for that change. Sometimes….we may go back and jeopardize our survival….but if we are smart enough, we take the opportunity to fly off when it arises again.

So when we do fly away from events that are no longer helpful to us….seeking change….the process seems daunting. When we do finally find the answer, we are sometimes afraid to move forward. This fear can be paralyzing or we can choose to operate against it and move forward to the unknown.

Although the unknown seems like a scary place….it can actually be the the remedy for a situation. We cannot allow fear to paralyze us…rather we need to pull on the strength that God gives us and move forward into our blessing. For we do not know when the opportunity will present itself again.

So be like the bird in the picture above and fly across the runway of life and land for your pose. Because where you are going and moving forward into….will be fabulous. Continue to move forward and remain hopeful for the unknown in your future.

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