Dark Pasts and Future Lights


I’ve been there already….


So why look back? The past is just that….the past, and it’s behind me now.

There are times when we reflect back on life and wonder why we did or didn’t do certain things or why events happened as they did. When it comes down to it, the events of our past are history and there is nothing we can do to change them. A love lost, a job gone, a place to move on….the events of our history are unchangeable.

If some of us could hit the rewind button, we would. I know that for a fact that I would for certain historical events in my life. But the irrefutable truth is that I cannot go back into my past, no matter how hard I try to. So why not live in the present and build for the future, instead of spending valuable time regretting the past?

Since we cannot relive the past and change the facts of our past, then why look forward to go backwards??? The reasonable choice is to move forward with a plan in mind for the future. A plan to build and execute those goals. There really is no time like the present to plan and move forward.

As I move forward….I choose to make wiser decisions and choices that will effect my future, as well as my child’s. In my life, things happened the way they did and I am to the point where I thank God for every bit of it. Because of my past, I am the woman I am today and much stronger than ever, thanks to God and the love of family and honest friends.

I could’ve keeled over….but God lifted me up and strengthened to what I am now becoming. So….don’t regret the past. Be thankful for the unique experiences that you have encountered that make you, you. Don’t let hurtful past events take you out, rather hold tight and be strengthened to move forward. Let it be your ammunition to keep pushing and be diligent towards reaching your goals.

(Photos: NY Couture Fashion Week, fall ’13, “Birds” by Catalin Botazeau, credits: Janet Kay)

As always….thanks for stopping by 😉


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