Mixed Media is in style this season

You have to be bold and a little daring to execute this look for fall. You cannot be timid or attempting to hide from this style once you throw it on! As a matter of fact….the key to making this look is….CONFIDENCE.


Nooooo I’m talking about midriff bearing tops for those of us (including me), who have skipped going to the gym more than once! Lol. I am talking about mixing prints and patterns this fall—yet again! It the boldest trend this season. The picture above is of the Macy’s store window in center city philly— love them!

The mannequin in the blue and white has on stripes and polka dots with a bold solid color to bring the look together.


This picture above….i love the mixture of the horizontal and vertical stripes together. Again, there is a solid color to bring cohesiveness to the look. However, it would look just as good and bolder without the jacket! I love it!

Have fun with style and shine through your outfit choices! You can’t please everyone, so why not please your creativity???  Have fun with style and embrace your taste!

As always….thanks for stopping by 😉


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