Life is about LIVING

This past Sunday baby girl and I went to the house of God….and we enjoyed ourselves! I am truly blessed by the services and the ministry!


….on our way to church baby girl was trying to hide behind me in her fabulous tutu!



Later on baby girl decided to cooperate and show off her many happy faces! She was decked out in a tutu and pretty in purple! Showing off her pearly whites here!


Here I am in my little black dress that I fell in love with! Catching selfies in the mirror!


Here’s one more selfie for the road while baby girl jumps in the shot!

I don’t have to dress up for church….but I choose to….why not enjoy life while I am living and able to. There are somethings in life we need to wait for, but I don’t believe that life is all about waiting….it’s about living and loving every moment. Whatever you’re doing right now, choose to live and love in the process!

LBD: Macy’s
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Bag: Steve Madden
Bracelet: Burlington
Jacket: Burlington

Baby girl
Head to toe: Childrens Place
Shoes: Marshall’s

Thanks for stopping by 😉


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