Change is Evident

Much like the fashions and styles of the runway…..


(“Birds” by Catelin Botazeau NY Couture Fashion week fall 2013.)


………life is always changing.

As I look back over the years, I am amazed by the changes that have I have encountered. From being a timid college student, to being a social butterfly. From being overly religious, to finding a balance in life. From being fearful that I wouldn’t graduate from college to being a college alumni. From being totally single to becoming a fulfilled full time mom, who also works full time.

It feels like yesterday when I was 16 and endured my first heart break. Or being proud that I was a continuous honor roll student. I remember the childhood home that my younger brother and I grew up in and all the memories that we shared. Life seems to be just that….full of memories made and new memories to make.

Every time that I look up….it seems as if another relationship, another career, another home, another way of life is changing. Well….what can we do but embrace the changes that come our way? Some changes are good…others are not….and some seemingly good changes can be tough in the beginning. Well as for me….all I can do is trust God during these changes and have a positive attitude.

Change will come….whether we like it or not….and sometimes it’s for our best in life….even if we do not see that in the beginning. God reveals everything in time.

A change can save your life, change your perspective, and even humble you. I’ve experienced change in all three of those areas in my life recently. I will not deny the change that has come, instead I am embracing it and producing and moving forward everyday.

As always….thanks for stopping by 😉


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