Wild Prints and Perfect Patterns

This season is all about animal prints, patterns, and abstract prints. Everyone is not confident about wearing these prints in their daily outfits. So how can you be trendy and comfortable??? Incorporate the look into your accessories- necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings, hand bags, belts, and shoes. Here, we’ll check out some of the hottest bags for this fall season!


Michael Kors has been popular sometime for his chic hand bags, and these duo toned totes are fabulous with their abstract patterns.


I absolutely fell in love when I came across this exotic leopard print Coach bag! Leopard print is here to stay!!!


Here’s another beautiful leopard print tote by Ralph Lauren.


Snakeskin prints are also holding their ground with this yummy bag by Cole Haan!


This bag is a treat! Just perfect! I love this duo tone print bag from the Cole Haan collection! It is truly a stunning tote that I’d love to have hanging off of my arm in the city!

Just a few bags that caught my attention while I was at Macy’s, and they are all fabulous and fall ready! They are the perfect fit for any monotone or eccentric look in the city!

As always…thanks for stopping by 😉


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