Picking the Perfect $Pocketbook$ pt I

Picking the perfect pocketbook can be a daunting or invigorating process! It’s all about what you’re looking for, need/want, personal style, and most importantly can afford 😉 That is the moooooost important piece! Make sure the bag you choose fits both your style and budget!



The two Juicy Couture bags pictured above are gorgeous and perfect for the city chic and fabulous woman on the go! The details are intricate and intriguing. The studs on the tan bag add great details to the overall look. This bag can be paired up with a suit or with denim or a pair of Juicy sweat pants.


This bag by Michael Kors is a stunning find! The color block of black and white make this bag a timeless classic. It also folds over for the added detail. Kors knows how to design a bag for todays modern woman! This bag is perfect for a night on the town or for a glamorous event.

Handbags are the perfect accessory to complete any look. When choosing one, choose one that not only fits your budget, but also your style, and daily activities!

These bags are available at Macy’s

Stay tuned….


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