Lucid Dreams and Drippy Paint for fashion!


Back in February, I had the honor of being invited to and attending Jeantrix’s NYFW presentation of their current Fall 2013 collection entitled “Lucid Dreams.” The collection is filled with vivid colors, corsets, buttons ups, drippy paint, sweatshirts, and intense messages. The collection is both edgy and eye catching.


Jeantrix’s corsets are always intricately designed with intriguing details. They are known for their corsets and couture clothing. But for their current fall collection, they created a ready to wear collection for customers.


This hot rod, leather motorcycle from Jeantrix with their signature “drippy paint” is great for fall. It is definitely edgy and bold for this season.


Yes, I agree with the caption on that shirt above, “Live your f*#*#*#g Dreams.” And I add to that….”by any means necessary!”

Jeantrix collection “Lucid Dreams”, is now available online. So click the link above and check out their artistic clothing line. I am a fan! And they’re from Philly!


The innovators and designers behind this collection that is available now….Jeantrix


And their collaboration with Al Rod, photographer, on this collection Lucid Dreams


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