Just a little birthday recap 😉
Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and sent their love and gifts! Yesterday was a good one….and it was even better with your kind words and love 🙂

On my birthday, I went to work as usual and made no special plans, but my co-workers made the day special for me. I received a beautiful card from all of my co-workers, a yummy Oreo cookies and cream cake, and personal cards from my director and a co-worker containing some nice gift cards that I’ll use 🙂 🙂 🙂

Over the weekend, my family threw me a nice mini party, complete with delicious food, cake, gifts, and love! Last night….I ended the day with succulent sauteed shrimp and noodles 🙂 (As you can tell….I’m all about food! Lol!)

That’s my day of birthday shenanigans as a mom and full time worker. It’s the first time ever that my birthday was celebrated on the job—-kudos to my director for the significant changes!

Thanks for following me on my journee 🙂


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