Random Nights ‘n Wild Sketches!


The title says it all for this edgy sketch that I created just a few nights ago. The hair is bold and colorful, the side view on the sketch says “I don’t care”, and the jacket says “I know I’m cool”! Lol.


Maybe this sketch and other art that I’ve created recently represent my alter ego. I carry myself as a professional and mom at all times, and I don’t do anything too wild (or seemingly wild), because of my place of work— hey that’s my source of income.

To me personally, this sketch represents me….another side of me….the artistic side. If I could, I’d love to get red or pink low lights. But that will not happen today. I may not be able to do all that I want to do, but in my art I do. It represents another side of me. A side that is growing, emerging, and morphing into who I am.

And hey….let’s not forget that I love to use color! That is shown in my everyday outfits and in my daughter’s as well! Why not live happy now and show it? Hey, I will 😉

Thanks for following on my “journee.”


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