To be real and true

To be real and true is something not for you
Barking on the weaklings, while you stand in fear
In fear of a tyrant who doesn’t seem to care
To care is far off radar from his fowl snare

But to blast on others will not last,
Someday honey, you have to face your fear
And however you do it, don’t break a tear
Tears have been your meat long enough…
This time, it’s time go out tough

With confidence and strength which lies within you
Just be true and you will be you
Be your best self and a self that is happy
There is no need to feel trapped, for you have set it

You have the freedom to fly free
So get your frequent flier miles if you are not heard
To be heard and understood
Is all that you require
But if that requirement is too much, then commit to go higher

There is no need to be this way
If you must, find an outlet where you can stay
But if to stay here is your goal
Then meet that goal without being so cold

Do what’s best for you, but keep in mind that others are watching you.


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