Iron Fists and Hearts made of Steel

One who has a steel heart, how can he feel?
One with an iron fist, how can he rule?
With a life so morbid, and ever so distorted
How can one live a life so sordid…

Who can bear to tread along path
With someone filled with so much wrath
As if anger and pride have been your closest to your side
With no heart to feel, even the nearest pain to heal
How can one bear to care with a heart full of scare?

An iron fist….how can you resist?
The scare of others in your snare,
Seem to be your restless delight
A restless delight and hunger for fear
At night they fall, to the ground they go, the tears

All because you never stopped to care, you never never stopped the fear
Endless turnover and smacks with policy
A truth to you….but only a fallacy
All may go well now, but everyone else will someday see
And their restless delight will be….

To see the fall of a fallable tyrant
Who lived a life so characteristically trifling
I wish you well, but you wish others hell
A hell they encounter when paths are crossed with you
Truly, you are double minded and untrue
But someday….it will come out, the real you.


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