Community Life in the Center of the City


While in center city, Philadelphia, one day randomly…..I came across this ^^^^^! The Autumn Festival, hosted by the Asian Community group in the China town section of the city. Various groups performed for the crowd and there were loads of activities for families and friends!


However, these two individuals were the most elaborately dressed and kept the attention of the crowd growing with their “Cantonese Opera.” The costumes are beautiful and intricately designed. The performers held the attention of the crowd, as they strutted across the stage in their high platform shoes.

The music that they performed their opera to was both traditional and beautiful. I was caught up in the soothing rhythm and sound of the music as well as their beautiful and delicate performance. My daughter even enjoyed the performance 🙂

The entire blocked was closed off as organizations and businesses had tables set up for art and crafts for the children and vending of various goods. This was definitely an event that drew a crowd of all races, backgrounds, and ages! If I would’ve known about this event ahead of time, I would have planned better—but I m glad that I had a chance to be apart of this!

As always….thanks for stopping by and have a great day 😉

P.S. Enjoy your loved ones and community while you are able to.


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