Putting some “POW” in Pop Art!


……Is just how I feel sometimes!

I am excited about the re-emergence of “Pop Art” into ready to wear clothing collections. This shirt right here is reminiscent of the art work produced by contemporary artist, Roy Lichtenstein. His work is  colorful, bold, and filled with little dots similar to pointilism.

Roy Lichtenstein produced art work mainly that was fitting for comic books. His work still lives on today and is obviously the inspiration behind this t-shirt.

Whatever mountains you overcome today to achieve your goals and live your dreams, just know that your work will not go unnoticed.  Whether it’s becoming a fashion designer, stylist, art director, civil engineer, or entrepreneur, the possibilities are endless and so are your opportunities. Take advantage of them today, because you do not know what tomorrow will bring. Who knows, your work and dedication may live on beyond your years and you may be remembered as “great” in your chosen field.

Don’t fret for tomorrow, because tomorrow has it’s own cares and worries, rather live in the moment today. In all that you do, put your best foot forward and do not become slack or lazy in achieving the goals that you have set forth for yourself.

As always….thanks for stopping by and have a great day 😉


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