To be happy….Or not to be?

To be happy….or not to be happy? That is the question. It seems that in life it doesn’t matter how much you bust your chops to make someone happy, it just isn’t good enough. From relationships to work, you will encounter some sincere jerks. As sad as it is, it is the truth.

Recent events that have happened in my life….I still don’t believe happened. And it seems like as soon as one thing goes right, another lace comes undone. However, my parents always taught me to prepare for inclimate weather….so with a little more wisdom….this time I will.

If I prepare and there is no storm, well at least I was prepared, it’s better than being being caught in a storm unprepared! Even if I move and could’ve stayed, isn’t my peace of mind and joy more rewarding then being dragged in the mud? There is only but so much daily negative turmoil a person can handle.

It is a shame that some people have not grown, but rather remain stagnant. They cannot appreciate people other than themselves making great strides and achieving amazing goals. It is so sad….and sadly enough….it may not change.

However, I will change….but only for the better. I will not conform to the negativity of others. I will not accept or inflict your coward negativity on others, instead, I will be the strong woman of God that I am and look unto the hills from which cometh my help!

As always….thanks for stopping by and have a great day 😉


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