Couture Tops and Polka Dots!


Pictured above is my babygirl who’s not too cool for school!—because she loves it 😉 She is definitely developing her own taste! If she had her way, she’d wear pretty tops, tutu’s, and sneakers everyday! But that’s what mommies are for….to switch up the routine a bit lol! Just the other day, she was so excited with what I picked out for her to wear, she picked it up and jumped up and down! Lol, her reaction was adorable!

On this day, she’s wearing a shirt with a kitty cat and 3-D rose shaped heart. A leopard print denim jacket (I loooove prints!), polka dot pants, Sperry’s, and kitty cat socks from childrens place 🙂


Check out those fabulous leopard print kitty cat socks 😉

I love to get dressed and dress baby girl up and have fun doing it! As long as we are appropriate, what’s wrong with mixing prints and loving color? Life is too short to be gloomy all the time, while we are alive….we are going to enjoy it as much as we can—and with tutu’s as well 😉

Shirt, Jacket, Socks: The Children’s Place

Pants and Sperry’s: Burlington Coat Factory


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